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    New tank, floor analysis

    I think it would still be good to support the corners.
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    New tank, floor analysis

    It might be good to put in 2x10 blocking between and perpendicular to the joists where each of the legs of the stand will rest on the floor and you could build a post with two 2x4s down to the floor. That much weight could punch through the subfloor. Have fun with the new tank.
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    Where is everyone from?

    Wisconsin USA
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    Fish regret

    Tiger barbs.Such a beautiful fish but just too mean. A long time ago I purchased 6 of them and one day one of them killed the other five. A few years later I decided to try again and purchased 6 and raised them. separated 2 pairs for 2 weeks and put them together in the evening to spawn. The...
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    How many different foods do you have for your aquariums?

    I feed omega one flakes and omega one shrimp pellets and microworms. It is interesting when I read the ingedients that they are the same in the shrimp pellets and the flakes. I thought shrimp pellets would be mostly shrimp.
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    Favorite and Least Favorite Tanks

    20 gallon long works well for me. Enough footprint for several species and easy to work with. I recently retired and have gotten back into fish after about ten years. I kept fish for about 25 years before that and missed them. Now I have more time to enjoy them.
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    flashing and scratching

    There are no white spots on the fish. I'm sure it's not rich. The water is a little cloudy. It looks like very fine dust floating in it . When I turn down the flow on the sponge filter some of it floats on the surface . I thought that might be some residue from the play sand substrate but I'm...
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    flashing and scratching

    I have a 35 gallon tank wit 6 white clouds and 5 half grown bronze corydoras. The white clouds are flashing and scratching and then stop eating and wither up and die one at a time.The catfish are ok so far . Ammonia and nitrite are at 0 and nitrate is at 5. Gh 13. Temperature is 73...