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    German blue ram red belly, losing weight, parasite?

    I know, I'm so sad, for the 1st time I managed to keep a ram longer than a month and now he's sick :( everywhere I read tho it says hospital tank has to be bare, now I really don't know what to do. It seems I'll have to add substrate and a few decor then.
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    German blue ram red belly, losing weight, parasite?

    Thank you. I have bare bottom quarantine, because I read that people don't recommend substrate, decor etc., cause the tank will be medicated and the med will sink into substrate and also to clean up the food debris fast. I have sand and gravel that I could use. But does it mean I should change...
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    German blue ram red belly, losing weight, parasite?

    What could my ram have? I've tried every possible treatment till now. Esha 2000, esha EXIT, Esha Ndx, esha GDex and nothing seems to work. He's just getting more conclawed belly and I have no idea what am I seeing on his belly? He is still eating and is lightly active. He's in quarantine tank...
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    Cories And Salt

    Hello, sorry to revive the thread, but did you ever manage to cure your cory? My panda cory developed these sores on both sides of his body and I have no idea what to do to help her. I was also thinking about epsom salt or maybe mycopur? A little of backstory: He lives with my betta and...
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    Dwarf gourami with iridovirus for a month?

    Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10 GH 10 Kh 17 Ph 7.8 Co2 6 Cl 0 I'm doing weekly water changes between 30-50%. I'm using half of RO and half tap water.
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    Dwarf gourami with iridovirus for a month?

    What could I do to be sure? I don't have another aquarium to isolate him into at the moment, cause I am in the process of moving my betta. Could I put the potential bully into breeder box for now?
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    Dwarf gourami with iridovirus for a month?

    But for this long? I mean on the 1st photo you can see it started as a raised scale and in all this time it's not healing even after treating. I mean he would have to constantly bite him at the same spots for this to stay there, no?
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    Dwarf gourami with iridovirus for a month?

    No, I mean the other gourami is picking on him every once in awhile but when I am watching nothing serious is happening. I mean I don't see them fight. Could he be bitting him and causing him injuries without me knowing?
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    Dwarf gourami with iridovirus for a month?

    Hello, Can someone please tell me if my dwarf gourami has iridovirus? I treated him with baktopur, but there's no change. He has these wounds getting bigger for about a month now. He is acting normal, being glutton as always and just happy swimming. I read that Dg's sick with IV usually...
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    Dwarf gourami bloated and constipated swimming vertically

    I found my blue powder dwarf gourami today in this state. He was trailing a long piece of poop with him. Seemed like he's constipated because he was trailing his poop for over an hour. He keeps swimming vertically and taking gulps of air occasionally. I fed fleas last night and some flakes and...
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