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  1. PheonixKingZ

    Segment of the Challenger found underwater

    Pretty crazy
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    Some equipment for sale.

    I’m not going to actually post the entire listings here because it took long enough to post on eBay. Here’s my profile if any of you want to check out what I have for sale:
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    Photos in thread not loading.

    This can’t just be me, is it? Full bars of 5G AT&T, and pics aren’t loading.
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    2022-2023 NBA Thread

    Gotta say, pretty dang excited for this season. GSW took it home last season, and they may be able to do it again this year. The season officially starts are October 18th, so there's still some time. I don't know if there's any NBA watchers/fans here, but I sure am. (saw the NFL thread earlier...
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    US Capitol!

    I toured the US Capitol building today! It was an amazing experience. The architecture is insane, and it’s crazy to think all of that is still standing to this day.
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    Glitched front page.

    Uhhh… @dascrow ? This happens and I have to refresh it a few times to get it to work.
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    Moving to South Carolina soon…

    I’m going to be moving to South Carolina in about 2 weeks, which is insanely close. I think im going to have to make a decision on my fish tanks, as in which ones to sell and which ones to keep. I’m far to attached to my 29g saltwater tank, as my clownfish are kinda like little aquatic dogs...
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    Missing Betta

    My Betta Ace has completely disappeared off the face of the planet. He’s not in his tank anywhere. I’ve search every square inch of that tank. I looked on the floor around the tank, no such luck. At this point I’ve just had to come to the assumption he’s dead, but it doesn’t make any sense...
  9. PheonixKingZ

    Potential pond?

    So as many of you know, I said I was going to be moving to PA sometime soon. Well… plans kinda changed, as I’m moving to South Carolina in just a few weeks! We are down here touring the house for the first time as well. Thing is, right here next to the house, is this sweet little pond...
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    Cool fish transportation device.

    Just saw this and figured I would share: Answer to What's the coolest animal transport device? by Sean Kernan
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    Small white bugs in Betta tank.

    Any ideas? They are very small, white/clear, and surf the glass and swim in the water column.
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    Double rainbow/Pretty sky!!

  13. PheonixKingZ

    Hundreds of dead fish because of manure in river. Looks pretty bad. i hope the people who did this get charged.
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    **Question of the week** | When’s the last time you did a water change?

    Let’s be honest with this one! When’s the last you did a water change on your tanks? Do you usually do water changes on weekends? Days off? Please vote in the poll!
  15. PheonixKingZ

    Red Piranha caught in Baton Rouge Lake!

    My guess is it was someone's pet, that they released. It shouldn't pose a threat, as long as it is removed and there wasn't a second one that it bred with.
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    New update?

    Is this a new update? Or a glitch? The “Most Reactions” are now below where you post.
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    **Question of the week** | How important are sand sifting livestock to your tank?

    We all like clean sand... some fish/invertebrates can help keep our sand clean! (Or as clean as can be expected. ;) Some snails can also get under the sand and prevent dangerous gas pockets from forming. What are your favorite sand stirring livestock in your tank? They can be fish or...
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    **Question of the week** | What is your favorite fish that you own?

    We all love our fish... some more than others! Last week’s QOTW question, was “What is your favorite fish?” - that included those you owned and those you didn’t own. This time, you must choose your favorite fish, out of all the fish you own! I’ll go first! My favorite fish have got to be my...
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    **Question of the week** | What is your favorite aquarium fish, and why?

    It’s time for a new QOTW! And the question is: What is your favorite aquarium fish, and why? Please vote in the poll above, write a short description of why that is your favorite fish, and upload a photo! (Make sure to give photo credits: name, company, or link) Your favorite fish can be one...
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    Happy Mothers Day!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! Have a great day. :)