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  1. Eelzor

    Six-line Wrasse With Mouth Disfigurement

    The mouth is kinda fluffy. I just put some food in for other fish and strangely enough he's eating now. Thanks for the reply though Wilder, it seems to be that fungus.
  2. Eelzor

    Six-line Wrasse With Mouth Disfigurement

    Hi there, It's been a while since I posted in the forums as everything with my aquariums has been going quite swimmingly (pardon pun). But recently my six-line wrasse has developed what looks to be a fungus of some sort? I'm not quite sure of what medicine's to use as I'm not sure what this one...
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  4. Eelzor

    Tff Member's Nano Tanks

    Tank: Glass AquaOne, no stand (sits on small table). Volume: 5 US Gallons. Lighting: - PowerGlo 18,000K, 8 watts, directly 10 inches above substrate surface, no cooling, on 10 hours a day. Filtration: - AquaClear 200 HOB Filtration with sponge cleaned out daily, 5 Pounds (2.25KG) of LR, Mini...
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  6. Eelzor

    Freshwater Clams!

    Freshwater Clams, more commonly known as Freshwater Mussels where I come from, are coldwater. They will tolorate warmer temperatures but it's not their natural habitat so they will not do as well. In terms of food they are fairly self-sufficient and will filter feed and/or scavenge for small...
  7. Eelzor

    Qt/hospital Tank

    For a QT/Hospital tank I see no harm in using a tub for it. However 7 Gallons does sounds a little small, depending on what size fish you'll be quarantining. Just remember a few things like making sure it's covered with a lid so fish don't accidentally/intentionally jump out.
  8. Eelzor

    Hi All!

    Welcome to the dark side of the forum, Marines. :D :devil: Have fun and if you need anything we're all ears. :good:
  9. Eelzor

    Seahorse Advice

    That's what you get for posting a saltwater question in a freshwater section, freshwater newbies taking random stabs at complex saltwater questions in an attempt to look intelligent LOL :lol: j/k'z freshies I'm sure your all smart in your own right. :D
  10. Eelzor

    New Tank

    Nice! Keep us posted with pics and maybe a diary of setting up. :good:
  11. Eelzor

    Permission To Come Aboard!

    Permission denied. * Points to forum ship plank* Now walk! :fun: Just kiddinz, hope you learn heaps from this site and nice to have you aboard matey, Arrr!!!! :grr: B)
  12. Eelzor

    Fo System

    Using the pound a gallon rule it comes to about 6.7KG for a 24x12x12. :nod: However you can still have 5KG if you wish.
  13. Eelzor

    Smallest Possible Size For One Clown Fish

    Especially a Tank-bred one is possible - the most hardy clownfish and usually are much smaller than there wild counterparts. Firefish would be nicer on it's own IMO though as clowns seem to be more interesting in pairs :)
  14. Eelzor

    Terry's Tank And Journal

    I did that same thing and it's amazing how much a difference that makes on your overall tank look. :good: But I hate the algae growth on my substrate. :X
  15. Eelzor

    How Much To Feed?

    The main feeders for the cube of brine shrimp would be the cardinals, clowns and firefish and from that list, it does seem like a bit much as my trigger, tang, clown, puffer and bicolour all eat a cube of brine too and even that seems to be pushing it (considering their small size). I suppose...
  16. Eelzor

    Is This Overstocked?

    oOo! a purple blue tang :D Must be the lighting/camera or something giving off that unique colouration of the blue tang though.
  17. Eelzor

    Pros And Cons Of Canister Filters

    I have addressed/been addressed on canister filters numerous times, and I thought giving several links on it would cover more on the topic. :) Eelzors Canister Filtration Post Media for a Canister Filter? Eheim Canisters Filling Canisters with LR
  18. Eelzor

    I Have Shells That I Picked Up On The Beach

    Depending from what beaches you got them from, I see no problem with adding them, however what I do first is boil them for a while to ensure the eradication of parasites or anything else that might be present on it. :nod:
  19. Eelzor

    Which Tank Is Better?

    One is 75L and the other one is 90L. The 90L one is cheaper however doesn't come with a stand, but it's small enough to put on most tables - so I say the second one. :) Has a nicer look to it too. Btw I know that the picture is only for show, but for a 90L SW tank with a yellow tang, a...
  20. Eelzor

    125 Gallon Stocking Suggestions

    I might recommend the niger triggerfish for a peaceful setup - one of the more peaceful triggers although the occasional aggression during feeding. I assume it's a small dwarf lionfish with a large clarkii or something is it? (Just that whenever I hear people keeping lionfish with clownfish I...