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  1. cynic


    Thanks, not just me then. There is so much conflicting information out there about keeping them, it's as if people don't actually know. Like the water volume, my tank is approaching 400L, i have seen the ponds in garden centres and most of them once you have added some media and planting will...
  2. cynic


    The wife and i have reached the point where we need a decent change to our tank, lot of the stock has passed from age and we have been holding off replacing them as the wife and i have wanted bigger feature fish. We were restricted by our original choice of fish, one of those being a red-tailed...
  3. cynic

    Cleaning tank

    I have plastic pipe connected to the spray bar at the top of the tank, i can it a hose to this allowing me to safely pump out any quantity from the tank. Once i have the level i want i put the water back after closing the valves on the canister filter. Then its basically heavy rain, with both...
  4. cynic

    Assassin snail hatch rate

    Not a bonafide expert but have had assassins in my tank for years, have not really thought about the reproductive aspect, i do have quite a few now, certainly double figures in a 10year old tank. They eat anything, put some bloodworm in, that brings them out of the sand. As to the pond snails...
  5. cynic

    Dealing with pest snails!

    If you dont want ANY decorative snails, by that i mean apple snails and such, assassin snails do the job, as soon as they hit the tank you see the 'prey' drop and run for cover. Put 4 in my tank a long time ago, must have been a male female mix, have had many problems come up over the years...
  6. cynic

    Swapping out sand for better planted sub

    I know the sand is not causing the algae, that was down to a couple of things affecting the flow in the tank and, being honest. Some inattentiveness from me re ferts. Im removing the leaves etc that are affected the most but with some of the plants dying back a little it has left the tank...
  7. cynic

    Swapping out sand for better planted sub

    Hey, I have read substrate change threads from search till i.m cross eyed and its just gravel to sand or vice versa. I'm looking at changing from sand to something better for planting, maybe even re using the sand as a top out. Had a few issues lately and BBA got a foot in the door so I'm...
  8. cynic

    Near miss...

    Hey good people, its been a while. Narrowly avoided disaster, my pump motor (tetra 1200) wimped out, gradually not with a big bang. Now fixed but the lack of flow had snuck up on me. Had a lot of muck in the tank as a result, it has upset the plants enough for me to justify a bit of a remodel...
  9. cynic

    Tank dechlorinator

    I use seachem prime, have done for years. Supposedly the most concentrated? That's 1ml per 10gal. Price has gone up compared to what it was but still good. This stuff,
  10. cynic

    What to do with CO2 tank I don't use anymore

    You can always give it back to the gas supplier. You only ever really buy the gas anyway, the bottle is kind of a must have. If you have all the co2 kit to go with it why not sell as above.
  11. cynic

    New 5ft tank

    I like A I have a RTBS, a BN plec and 16 Harlequin tetra. All live in a 5ft tank happy as larry, with a few shrimp and snails as maintenance crew. With quite a lot of plants that i let go to a degree. I wanted rambling stream rather than set piece. The good bit is the RTBS is happy with no...
  12. cynic

    Help with temperatures please

    Get a thermometer. No other way round it, it may feel cold to you but you cannot guess temp. Depends on what your doing before you stick your hand in. My tank feels cold when i stick my hand in first time but compared to my daughters goldfish tank its bathwater. Depending on the fish, (you...
  13. cynic

    Can I add 2 more?

    It always makes me wonder, i have a RTBS, a plec 16 harlequin tetra and some shrimp in a 5ft tank and i think that is near its limit. Funny old world.
  14. cynic

    Dual heaters in 55 gallon tank with heat controller

    So you have a thermostat controlling things in case a thermostat fails... The bit i don't get is my 300w heater cannot heat my tank over 28deg, period. I tried years back when i had an itch breakout and couldn't heat the tank high enough. That's why i bought another heater. I would need both...
  15. cynic

    Dual heaters in 55 gallon tank with heat controller

    My tank is a similar size to yours but i use 2 300w heaters. I have nowhere near as much worry, my 'backup' is a basic 300w with a thermal switch that is set (ignoring the useless numbers on the thermostat) with a thermometer to switch at 23 deg. That kicks in if i get a bit carried away with a...
  16. cynic

    Video Clown Loach Eating Bloodworms

    :/ Are you going to fill out the tank in any way?
  17. cynic

    Can you use a Smaller Light Fixture?

    The light is for us to look at the fish. The fish will be perfectly happy with the standard ambient light in the room. Plants on the other hand, lowlight plants may cope with that amount of light i suppose. I have 2 4ft plant biased t8 tubes in my 5ft tank. I have a reasonable amount of plants...
  18. cynic

    Chili Rasboras for Fluval Edge 46l?

    Harlequin rasbora will happily live in harder water like yours. Their native habitat is similar to the chille but they are far more adaptable. I have a lot of plants in my tank which they like to swim in. Its a common fish but in large shoals like mine (16, soon to be more) they are...
  19. cynic

    New guy

    Welcome, its very relaxing watching fish kept well. Seeing them move in a natural way, seeing their true colours literally show. I have lost hours just watching my tank. It does also have its demands and unfortunately a lot of them are not immediately obvious, good and bad water looks the same...
  20. cynic

    Happy New Year

    May your fingers be wet, your plants be green and your fish thrive, HNY to all