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  1. ItsMe56781

    75 gallon stocking is it good

    In my 75 gallon I have 3 bronze and 3 albino corydoras, 9 skirt Tetras, 5 gold barbs, 3 keyhole Cichlids,1 clown pleco, 1 Bolivian ram, and a Blood Parrot. I got the blood parrot not knowing how big it would get so should I keep it and if not what are some alternatives
  2. ItsMe56781

    Is my Stocking good for a 75 gallons

    I have 1 dwarf gourami, 2 bolivian rams , 3 keyhole cichlids, 6 bronze corydoras, 6 albino corydoras, 10 zebra Danios, 10 skirt tetras is that overstocked or good ,can I get more fish?????
  3. ItsMe56781

    Glofish Danios with Long Finned Zebra Danios

    Will glofish Danios school with Long Finned Zebra Danios because I have some glofish in a 75 gallon and I want to put some long Finned in there will they school????
  4. ItsMe56781

    Is this good enough or too much

    I'm planning on getting 6 bronze and 6 albino cory catfish, 10 zebra danios, 10 skirt tetras, 3 keyhole cichlids, 1 dwarf gourami, 1 clown pleco , and a Bolivian ram in a 75 gallon
  5. ItsMe56781

    Is my tank over crowded???

    I have 4 zebra danios, 6 Cory catfish, 5 skirt tetras, 1 dwarf gourami, 1 balloon ram , and 2 keyhole cichlids In a 75 gallon so is my tank overcrowded and can I get more fish?????
  6. ItsMe56781

    Will BP work with Glofish Danios and Albino Cory's

    I just bought a 75g and I have a clown Pleco, Albino Cory's, and some Glofish Danios. Will Blood Parrots eat them or bully them. Also will dwarf gouramis bully BP