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  1. Obsessed with fish

    Whats the stupidest/most useless fish related thing you have bought.

    I watch my money so I haven't ever bought anything dumb that's fish related, but I just wanted to hear your stories!
  2. Obsessed with fish

    Show us your cat/s!

    Post your cat/s here! This is ny 8 year old Burmese cat.
  3. Obsessed with fish

    I went to the fish store and asked for 2 siamese algae eaters, the person there gave me 2 CHINESE algae eaters instead...

    I heard that Chinese algae eaters get aggresive when there older and can hurt other fish. The ones I accidentally got look to be around 2 inches so still baby's. Other occupants in the tank are 7 sterbai corydoras and 7 neon tetras, can I keep the Chinese algae eaters forever or even for a few...
  4. Obsessed with fish

    Hello, i am back.

    Hello fellow fish keepers! You may or may not rerember me from last year, but if you do you also might rerember my 'fish tank journal'. Just some updates on the tank. We will start with good news, all 7 cory catfish are still alive and thriving since last year, same with all my plants and half...
  5. Obsessed with fish

    How to delete your account.

    I won't delete my account now, I'll probably delete it after the FOTM contest. When that time comes how do I do it? Thankyou everyone for helping me, you all give great helpful advice. I'll probably make a fairwell thread when the time comes in a week or so. I just want to see what happens with...
  6. Obsessed with fish

    22 gallon Small river based aquarium journal.

    Hi, my nitrates have exelled drastically and my ammonia and nitrites are at 0 ppm. I will add the following fish: 2 dwarf goumaris (1 male and 1 female) 5 cory catfish (3 banded corys) 8 neon tetras. I will add the tetras and corys tomorrow and the goumaris next week. My water parameters...
  7. Obsessed with fish

    What do you think of your fish tank?

    What do you think of your fish tank? Do you love your fish, do you think of them as a responsibility and something you look after, maybe you just think them as furniture. The list goes on. I think of them as 2 different things, I love them, and I think of them as a responsibility and something...
  8. Obsessed with fish

    18 gallon pond stocking suggestions.

    I'm thinking about putting a small pond on my balcony. It will be 70cm in length, 40cm in width and 25cm in height. Its on a balcony so it will be above ground. It will be live planted. Has anyone got any stocking suggestions. I was thinking maybe 1 goldfish and a few cloud minnows? Any other...
  9. Obsessed with fish

    Ammonias and nitrites at 0 after only 2 weeks of cycling?

    Ummmm, am I just insanely lucky, or did I do this wrong. I tested ammonia and nitrites and it was 0 and 0? I triple checked to make sure i followed the instructions the right way on the test kit, and surprise surprise. It was the api liquid master test kit because I decided to get that instead...
  10. Obsessed with fish

    Water changes during cycling.

    Ok, when i bought my plants to cycle the tank my LFS accidently gave me nerite snails, 3 of them. This is all in my 22 gallon cycling tank. My live plants are starting to rot, i think its because i have not done a water change because i thought you are not meant to do water changes during...
  11. Obsessed with fish

    Bettas are mistreated...

    Bettas are great little fish, they are easy to care for and can survive in rough conditions, but this does not mean they should be put in tiny tanks. If anyone looks up betta tank size it will say 3 gallons. Some websites say 1 gallon is fine, and that's just horrible. Myself has a betta in a 3...
  12. Obsessed with fish

    Bettas in 3 gallon tanks?

    Hi, i have a betta in a 3 gallon aquarium. Is it fine to have him in there, is he happy. He seems happy. His always swimming around joyfully.
  13. Obsessed with fish

    Betta with red markings and weird white dot?

    There are various red markings and a white dot on my betta. Is this bad, should I be concerned.this last image shows the side of the head with the white dot.
  14. Obsessed with fish

    Can angel fish live in a 22 gallon tank.

    Can I keep angel fish in a 22 gallon. My tank is 50cm tall, 48cn wide and 36cm thick. At first I thought it was 14 gallons. I looked the dimensions up on an online volume calculator and it turns out it is 22 gallons. Can I keep normal goumaris in the tank instead of dwarf goumaris? Can you look...
  15. Obsessed with fish

    EMERGENCY! Dying fish. Bullied guppy. Need help

    I have a dying guppy being bullied by a betta in a 3 gallon. I know I made the wrong decision to put a guppy with a betta. The guppy has rips in his find shown here. He is also swimming weirdly. I have a quarantine tank that is 1/2 gallon. Someone in my family made the bad decision (not me) to...
  16. Obsessed with fish

    The beauty of fish keeping.

    Fish keeping is different to ANY other hobby. Its not like card collecting were you just chuck some rare cards in a box and show them of to your friends. You have a responsibility, you actually have to care and look after them. People may argue, or say people cant look after fish, but as long as...
  17. Obsessed with fish

    Is it fine to make ammonia for cycling using fish popp and food

    Hi, I got some fish poop from one of my fish tanks and used it in a tank to make ammonia for cycling. Will this work? I did put in bottled beneficial bacteria. Can cory catfish be in groups of 5? Tips for keeping live plants. I have a guppy that's getting badly bullied. I'm wandering if I can...
  18. Obsessed with fish

    14 gallon planted tank journal.

    As a lot of you know I am starting a 14 gallon planted tank, it will have the following fish im getting tomorrow: 5 cory catfish. 1 dwarf goumari. 8 neon tetras. 1 guppy. (I need to have it in tank) Here's a photo of my now empty tank that will be full tomorrow: I will post photos of the...
  19. Obsessed with fish

    Here I am 'again'

    Ok, I'm gonna be honest. At this point I just want to slap myself in the face. I have researched other centerpieces because, the only other one besides the dwarf gourami's which i can get because of the guppy problems is an angel fish. Half the websites are saying 10 gallons are fine and half...
  20. Obsessed with fish

    Am I overstocked?

    Hi, please tell me if im posting to many threads. Everyone put down my other setup, so now i have made a new one. The tank is live planted and its 14 gallons. The tank is 50cmx48cmx36cm. If your wandering about the corys the base is 50cmx36cm. My idea: 1 dwarf gourami. 2 guppies. (please...