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  1. J

    Loach suggestions please

    I have a 30 gallon tank with some tetra, livebearers and 2 kuhli loaches. I went to get some more kuhlis yesterday, but the shop didn't have them, probably because they got wiped out - apparently they often do. I think I've given up buying them because I have lost at least 5, and the 2 I have...
  2. J

    Sick molly?

    One of my yellow mollies has turned white and slightly transparent. It's been like it for maybe 2 weeks with no other signs of ailing. Does anyone know why? The other two are fine.
  3. J

    Dead fish.

    I noticed that most of my fish sink when they die. However, one or two have floated. I was just wondering if anyone knew why? :dunno:
  4. J

    What fish to add?

    Hi guys, I have a 30gallon tank with the following occupants: 1 bristlenosed catfish 3 kuhli loaches 3 platys (all female as far as I can tell) 4 5-banded barbs 9 neon tetras The tank gets a 25% weekly water change and runs on a fluval 3 filter. It is planted. I reckon that I can stock some...
  5. J

    Weird ancistrus behaviour

    My bristlenose catfish likes to sit upside down underneath the log in different places during the day. However today I found it upside down on the sand, as though it had fallen off where it was stuck onto the log using its mouth. I tapped on the glass and it stuck back on but it was back on...
  6. J

    Are these easy to grow.

    I went to my lfs on the weekend and bought an anubias congensis and a spatiphyllum quatro which I thought was an amazon sword plant as it was in with them, :dunno: . The lfs said these were easy enough to grow, and they are normally pretty good. I have 2Watts per gallon of light and I am...
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    Well, a couple of my barbs (barbus pentazona) are doing the gasping thing. I also saw a bit of flicking and I suspect its ich. Are these two symptoms reliable for ich because I don't really want to treat the tank if not. About three weeks ago a barb died. It had been gasping but it didn't...
  8. J

    Nitrates in tapwater

    I'm sorry if this topic has been posted before - I did search for something similar but i couldn't match anything :/ . I got a nitrate testing kit finally today (I had to order it from my local petshop) and I tested the water from the tap which i get the water to fill my aqaurium. It was...
  9. J

    I have a couple of questions about this site. 1. Is it cheap? I know that my lfs sells bunches of plants, 5 for £5 but i don't know after the P & P on the site. 2. Also when ordering a number of plants, is it stems or what? I want some java fern but I'm not sure how much '5' is. Thanks ;) .
  10. J

    Can I get my kuhlis to come out?

    I used to have four kuhlis which swam about during the day. Two died and the other two stopped coming out in the day. I replaced them 2 or 3 weeks ago so there are now four again but they don't ever come out, not even at night (I got up at 3am last night and they weren't out even then). Is...
  11. J

    Bacterial Infection.

    Well, I have lost a lot of fish recently to what must be a bacterial infection. I posted in the gourami forum where we thought it might be TB but the guy at the lfs (who seems pretty knowledgable to me) said that my symptoms weren't necessarily caused by TB - he said that emanciation would be...
  12. J

    Neon Tetras are dying

    When I got home this evening, one of my 8 neon tetras and a platy fry were dead. The symptoms for the tetra are slight loss of red colouration, damaged fins, and heavy breathing (I know fish don't breathe but that's how i would describe it). It looks like the symptoms have started on the...
  13. J

    Phospate Remover

    Can I reuse my phosphate remover thingy (looks like a teabag). I've used it before but does that mean that i can't use it again?
  14. J

    Another problem with the kuhli loaches.

    This time they keep swimming up and squeezing in behind the filter (Fluval 3). I don't know whether they can get out by themselves so I keep rescuing them which is very annoying. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about why they are doing it :dunno: . I thought maybe there weren't...
  15. J

    Why can't I keep dwarf gouramis alive?

    I think I have seen a similar post here recently but I couldn't find it - sorry guys :/ . My dwarf gouramis just keep dying. The first one dyed of overfeeding - beginner mistake :S . I found the next one dead with its fins shredded. The next one ate two fish and popped :sick: . The next...
  16. J

    Blue-green algae (I think)

    I have a lot of what I assume is blue-green algae (because its greeny blue :P ) covering my substrate - sand and some of my plants. But it is not on my log or glass or equipment. I understand that this is a mixture of bacteria and algea but I don't know how to get rid of it? Also, I have...
  17. J

    Honey and dwarf gouramis

    Would a pair of each be OK in a 30 gallon community or would they fight? I already have the dwarfs but I'd quite like some more gouramis of a different kind and the honey ones look nice and small (gotta look out for the neons :lol: )
  18. J

    My loach has changed colour!!

    One of my kuhli loaches has got much paler and more transparent. I don't see them that often but it started a couple of weeks ago and has got worse. Is this bad? I was wondering if it looked paler in the light but I'm pretty sure it was never this pale before. Any ideas? cheers ;)
  19. J


    How come neons take about half an hour to brighten up (phsically :lol: ) after the light goes on?
  20. J

    Moving an aquarium

    I have a 30 gallon tank, with fish which is on a stand (designed) for holding it. The room the tank is in is being redecorated - does it need moving? I assumed so and how much water do I need to remove before moving the aquarium - all of it for certain? because I don't know where I'd store it...