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    Betta fish ID

    I love you, man!
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    Betta fish ID

    I've had several plakat varieties. My most expensive came from one of those chain stores we all love to hate and he was only $25. My other two were around $10-12. True wild types on the other hand I have never seen in person and are more than I'd be willing to spend. But I can dream.
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    Betta fish ID

    I'm going to say a halfmoon. I am more of a plakat/wild type fan, so I cannot swear to it. Either way, he is gorgeous!
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    Help with lighting on planted 3gal and 5gal

    I love my Nicrew lights! They are a bit above your $15 limit, but are quality lights and very reasonably priced and I would highly recommend them if you could spring for the extra $10+/-. I also have a full spectrum light by Aquaneat on my 5 gallon. I paid $12.99 for it on Amazon. It's no frills...
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    Anyone play airsoft here?

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    Anyone play airsoft here?

    Are you familiar with paintball? Basically, they are spring, electric or high pressure air/other gas powered "guns" that shoot 6mm plastic BBs. As long as you wear proper eye protection, they are rather harmless. You use them to shoot each other. It's like a real life first person shooter video...
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    Anyone play airsoft here?

    Wife and I went to Rev XI at Ballahack this weekend. Got all sorts of shot up (especially me and usually because my wife shot someone and I got blamed! 🤣). Met a lot of really awesome folks including SwampSniper, CJ and Alexis (c7viper), Skittles, Kermit Tactical Airsoft, The Rad Rosvadian and...
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    Christmas Trees. It is Christmas where is your tree

    Our tree at home. Unlit and lit. And since I'm at work...
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    Green carpet algae

    Green carpet algae as in hair/thread algae? You can have all of mine free of charge! You pick it, it's yours! 🤣
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    Went in for Neocaridina, left with...

    Yes. He is a crowntail betta. I was hesitant for the longest time. I was always a SA cichlid fan. Then I saw some videos of how intelligent and social bettas can be. I dove in and I was hooked. We are normally big fans of wild types and short finned varieties, but this guy was just too darn...