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    Two spot barb with a Bent spine

    I saw that this barb had a bent spine in my 110 gallon and seemed to keep getting stuck in the plants. I removed them and quarantined for about a month. They seem to have adjusted to swimming with a bent spine. They are still fairly active and move around when I get close to the tank. They have...
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    Mystery snail shells degrading

    I have some mystery snails where the shells are dissolving into the water from what I can tell it is most apparent on my white one (attached photos). Does anyone know the fastest way to help the snails regain their shells? The tank they are currently housed in is planted, there are 4 mystery...
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    Zebra Danio having difficulting swiming

    This seemed to have recently started and im not quite sure what the cause is. He seems to be still fairly active but he's swimming by like wiggling and keeps flipping upside down. His fins are all intact so I know that's not the issue. I'm not sure whats going on or how serious this is so any...
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    Fish with missing tails

    I recently adopted some rummynose tetras but they seem to be missing their back most fin and parts of their other fins as if they were in a tank with something that didn't like them. What is the fastest way to help them regrow their fin?
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    110 gallon inline heaters

    I'm looking for some good inline heaters for my 110 gallon fish tank. The inline heater I got orginally isn't working properly. So I am willing to listen to any suggestions on other inline heaters as I do not want to crowd the tank with heaters. It is a rather tall tank but I am going to have...
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    Snails shells dissolving

    My nerite snails shells have been slowly been getting eaten away by my water. I have well water that comes in for my use and the fish tank is planted. I had been feeding them snailoo and I have a cuttlefish bone in the tank. I was wondering if this is enough to promote the regrowth of their...
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    Best heater for 110 gallon tank

    I have a 110 gallon tank that I'm currently trying to heat but while I was looking for one to buy I kept getting varied reviews. What would be the best heater for me to buy for my tank, on both accuracy and temperature control.
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    Fish is sick with something?

    I have two zebra danios that have white lumps on their lips. I have been treating it with microbe-lift artemiss (natural expellant for bacterial diseases) for 10 days but it doesnt seem to be getting any better. The fish are still lively and running about the tank. I just want to get this...
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    Betta sick Help!

    I've had this betta for over 3 months now in a planted 20 gallon tank with 4 zebra danio, 3 cory cats and a couple snails. He recently started getting really lethargic and hanging around the bottom of the tank a lot. He has a white discoloration on his chin but doesnt seem to have it elsewhere...