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  1. FBTgirl2

    1 Eyed Goldfish

    Almost a week ago I went to the petstore just to get crickets and a ghost catfish. Then I saw him, the most amazing fish ever. He is a black and gold fancy goldfish, a few inches long. He has one eye. It looks like he was born that way because his left eye is just gone, there is no hole or...
  2. FBTgirl2

    Do You Guys Use Breeder Traps?

    Do you guys use breeder traps? I personally don't, I just heavily plant my tank for my pregnant females.
  3. FBTgirl2


    I am starting up a pond behind my house. I don't have everything planned out but I really want some nice fish for it. It will be Huge so im not too concerned about space (I have my pond site and already planning it). Here is what I am thinking -2 Black Moors -2 Koi -1 Fancy Fin Goldfish...
  4. FBTgirl2


    Well, my rabbit had a litter of kits while I was on vacation (a 3 month vacation) and all but one has found a home. In 4 days I get to meet my brand new lil' Twinkie. He has lived at my house his whole life but I have seen him once, right after he was born. He is a black and White Mini Rex and...
  5. FBTgirl2

    I Had To Save Him

    Okay, well, don't be mad..but...uhh. I made a trip to Walmart, and Ive spent the past few weeks in ND, which Im still in. I live in California though. Well, I took a trip to walmart and went to the pet section, I was told there where no fish in this store, guess who was wrong. I found betta fish...
  6. FBTgirl2

    Can Males And Females Live Together?

    I finally read the breeding part of a care sheet with them, they breed similar to Betta fish, Correct? So does that mean male and female Dwarf Gouramis can't live together? I have always only had males so I dunno much about there breeding or anything like that.
  7. FBTgirl2

    Is This True

    I was flipping through a betta book at my library and saw something interesting, it said that up to three females could go in the breeding tank with the male, I would not do this but is it true? If so has anyone tried this before?
  8. FBTgirl2

    Why Does My Usd Catfish Like My Filter?

    My upside down catfish loves hanging around the bottom of my filter, no he isn't stuck. I give him tons of plants, rocks...ect. to hang under and stuff but he prefers to hang around under my filter. I am not to concerned about it I would just like to know why?
  9. FBTgirl2

    Getting A 30 Gallon, What To Stock?

    I have a general idea of what I want to put in the 30 gallon I am getting soon, but what do you guys think I could stock in it? I don't want basic guppies or something, I have a 15 gallon for them. Suggestions?
  10. FBTgirl2

    My New Mouse

    Well, hes not new but this is my first oppertunity to talk about him on the board. I have had him for about 2 months now. I will post some more pictures soon. His name is Oreo :D I think I am gonna get him a little mouse friend, but can two males live together happily? He lives in a 10 gallon...
  11. FBTgirl2

    Going On A Betta Shopping Spree

    I plan to get back into Betta Fish Breeding. So, in a couple of weeks I am going on a betta shopping spree. These are the tanks I have to restart breeding -15 gallon -10 gallon -10 gallon -5 gallon -5 gallon -3 gallon -3 gallon -3 gallon -5 gallon -2 gallon -5 gallon Sounds good? Can't wait to...
  12. FBTgirl2

    Leela And Tiki

    I just got my breeding pair of VT's. Tiki and Leela are Red Butterfly Betta fish and pretty small. I am going to let them settle in and add to the journal as I go along with there breeding. Right now I am trying to get them use to there new home before I start conditioning them for the spawn.
  13. FBTgirl2

    Zebra Danio Newbie

    I have never ever had any Zebra Danio. I just had a few questions on them, I am not new to fish but I am new to Zebra Danios. 1. How do you tell male from female? Is it like guppy do they get bigger if there female 2. How good would they go with a male betta fish? 3. Is it normal for them to...
  14. FBTgirl2

    My Rainbow Needs A Name

    My brand new rainbow fish is turquoise and I am obsessed with him considering he is my first ever rainbow fish. He is setteling into his tank and I decided he needs a fancy name. I can't think of one so I want you guys to help me. I have chosen my favorite names for him but I can't decide which...
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    I have an upside down catfish who has so many hiding spots I almost never see him anymore. He was not feeling so Upside downy at the moment but I did get some pictures of him hanging out under a plant and near the filter.
  16. FBTgirl2

    Are These Killifish?

    You will probably be mad at me but today I bought fish on impulse. My grandma just sent me this picture of a wonderful picture and I was walking around the petstore and of course I must go look at fish. I saw these fish that looked almost exactly like the picture. They were very pretty and I am...
  17. FBTgirl2

    Is There Any Temperment Difference In Color Of Dwarf Gourmani

    I remember a while ago on the Betta forum there was a question about temperment and color. I was wondering if there is any difference in Gourami temperment relating to color? I have a red gourmi. He is calm and collected.
  18. FBTgirl2

    New Bettas!

    Tiki Leela I got a breeding pair of Butterfly VT's. They are red and white (butterfly) and both are very small and shy. Leela is smaller then my Danio's and Tiki is about the size of my other female Zola.Anyway, just thought I would share my new additions :D
  19. FBTgirl2

    $45 Dollars For Fish

    Okay here is the deal. I just did inventory of all my fish and a count of my "fish" money. Anyway, here are the tanks I have -10G -10G -5G -3G -3G -3G -2.5G -2G I have $45 dollars and tons of fish supplies. Tomorrow or Tuesday I am going to the petstore and I plan to do some major stocking. I...
  20. FBTgirl2

    A Little Project

    I am currently designing a fish maze and it will be for guppies. I am going to buy 5-10 guppies and see something. There will be several different splits in the maze and the wideness of the from the sides of the tank will be probably able to fit 3-4 guppies. so it will have to be in a row kinda...