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  1. Eelzor

    Six-line Wrasse With Mouth Disfigurement

    Hi there, It's been a while since I posted in the forums as everything with my aquariums has been going quite swimmingly (pardon pun). But recently my six-line wrasse has developed what looks to be a fungus of some sort? I'm not quite sure of what medicine's to use as I'm not sure what this one...
  2. Eelzor

    Niger Triggerfish

    Common name(s): Niger Triggerfish, Red-toothed Triggerfish, Black Trigger. Scientific name: Odonus niger Family: Balistidae Origin: Fiji/Tahiti - Pacific Ocean Maximum size: 12 inches+ in the wild, 10 inches in captivity. Care: The Niger Triggerfish is a hardy peaceful marine fish great for...
  3. Eelzor

    Blue Tang

    Common name(s): Blue Tang, Pacific Blue Tang, Regal Tang, Hippo Tang. Scientific name: Paracanthurus hepatus Family: Acanthuridae Origin: Warm waters of the Pacific Ocean (Indo-Pacific) Maximum size: Up to 12 inches. Care: The Blue Tang is a very popular marine specimen for marine setups. A...
  4. Eelzor

    My Marine Fish Gallery

    I initially thought to get more attention towards my marine gallery I'd post the pics here, but I guess the photo section is called the photo section for a reason. :D Here's a link to my recently uploaded gallery. Eelzor Marine Gallery
  5. Eelzor

    Eelzor's Marine Fish Gallery

    Hey Peepz, Thought it was time I showcased all my saltwater fish specimens in one gallery post. I'll update this post as I get more interesting shots of my fish. :) Tomato Clownfish Bicolour Pseudochromis Blue Tang Valentini Pufferfish Niger Triggerfish Snowflake Eel That's...
  6. Eelzor

    Valentini Pufferfish

    Common name(s): Valentini Pufferfish, Saddle Valentini Puffer, Valentini Toby, Saddled Toby. Scientific name: Canthigaster valentini Family: Tetraodontidae Origin: Pacific/Indian Ocean (Fiji/Tahiti) Maximum size: Approximately 4 inches in captivity. Care: The Valentini Puffer is a peaceful...
  7. Eelzor

    Bicolour Pseudochromis

    Common name(s): Bicolour Pseudochromis, Bicolour Dottyback, Royal Dottyback, False Gramma. Scientific name: Pseudochromis paccagnella Family: Pseudochromidae Origin: Warm waters of the Pacific Ocean (Indo Pacific) Maximum size: About 3 inches in the wild, but rarely exceeds 2.5 inches in...
  8. Eelzor

    Tomato Clownfish

    Common name(s): Tomato Clownfish, Red Clownfish, Bridled Clownfish. Scientific name: Amphiprion frenatus Family: Pomacentridae Origin: Warm waters of the Pacific Ocean (Western Pacific) Maximum size: About 5 inches in the wild, but rarely exceeds 3 inches in captivity. (Females grow larger...
  9. Eelzor

    Triggerfish Chewing Through Cables

    Hi, I have heard of some triggerfish getting themselves hurt by biting through powercables that maybe underwater in the aquarium. I was wondering if anyone knew the chances of a triggerfish actually biting through heater cables (or any other cable for that matter) and perhaps if anyone has had...
  10. Eelzor

    Ocellaris Clownfish

    Common name(s): Ocellaris Clownfish, False Percula Clownfish, False Clown Anemonefish Scientific name: Amphiprion ocellaris Family: Pomacentridae Origin: Warm waters of the Pacific Ocean (Indo-Pacific) Maximum size: About 4 inches in the wild, but rarely exceeds 2.5 inches in captivity...
  11. Eelzor

    External Ehiem Canister Filter

    Hey Peepz, B) I've got an external canister filter that I have been using for my freshwater tank and I've decided to use it for a saltwater filter. The filter currently has a carbon pad, cotton media, filter sponge, those rock thingys and ceramic rings. As that was for freshwater, filtration...
  12. Eelzor

    A few questions about Polyps

    After some research on the net for information on corals, I have found that polyps seem to definately be the hardiest coral and great for a beginner. I went to my LFS and they too recommended me polyps. However they also recommended some xenia soft coral polyps which I cannot quite remember what...
  13. Eelzor

    Seachem Prime

    I was recently cycling a friends saltwater tank and I was about to use Prime to dechlorinate chlorine and choramines, however it also claims to "Detoxify Ammonia". Obviously ammonia is what is needed to begin the cycle. So should I add it or will it stall the cycle somehow? And will it show up...
  14. Eelzor

    A few invertbrates I want

    I have found some invertabrates that caught my eye and I am intrigued to buy them. :drool: 1. The "Camel Shrimp" aka. "Dancing Shrimp". I know these are harmful to corals and the like, however mine is a FOWLR tank. It's the only shrimp I can afford and it looks quite nice. :) The Prices here...
  15. Eelzor

    Bala Shark has swollen reddish eye Photos

    Recently one of my bala sharks got this reddishness above one of it's eyes. It seems to be dying as it is haging near the top of the tank, will not eat and looks dazed. If anyone knows what it is tnx for help. :/ Edit: Ack, I could have just put this in emergencies - I didn't realise that you...
  16. Eelzor

    Oh no! - Mantis Shrimp?!

    I'm going to make this a quick post and simply show the photo I have which what seems to be the top of as mantis shrimp hiding in a hole in the live rock. 1. Is it a mantis shrimp? :unsure: 2. How do I get rid of it?! :crazy: Plz help. :/
  17. Eelzor

    A few products - questions about them

    As I am currently setting up my saltwater nano tank (It just recently finished the cycle), I have seen people use to simply to keep the tank more stable. These are the two products I have seen and I was wondering if anyones had any experiences with them, or if its neccesary and if it is worth...
  18. Eelzor

    Cycling Completed!

    Hi pplz, :) I have been cycling my nano saltwater tank for the past few weeks and it seems to just about be near the end. These are the water paras. Ammonia - 0.1ppm Nitrites - 1ppm Nitrates - 30ppm My questions are, 1. From my tests, the nitrites never got much higher than 5ppm. It must...
  19. Eelzor

    Bristlenose not cleaning Algae

    I seem to be growing too much algae in my tank. Only now it has become noticable. Some is brown algae and some is green. I know my bristlenose plec should eat the green but he doesn't seem to eat any of it, ever. I got a medication to rid of the algae so I'll see how that pans out, but is it...
  20. Eelzor

    Greyish/Whitish on Live Rock

    Today I have noticed that there is "greyish" on my live rock in some parts. As if there is no life on those parts. Most of the live rock is still brownish as normal, but some parts are greyish. Along with that, some small parts of my crushed coral substrate are grey as well. Just a note that...