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    Fish Compatibility

    i've had my tank for well over a year. i'm very experienced but when it comes to fish overstock i try to ask other people to see what worked for them. what do you think?
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    Fish Compatibility

    I have a 20gl tank with: 2 honey dwarf guarmi 1 neon dwarf guarmi 6 black skirt tetra would 5 neon tetra be too much? could they live in the tank? plese and thank you! :)
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    Question About Changing Water!?

    you should do it before! it may not make that large of a difference but you may forget sometimes too! i use a 5 gallon bucket and marked out each gallon so i know haw much to take out/put back in. i think it works very well plus you know how much contiditioner to put in (ex put 3 gallons in, add...
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    Picky Fish?

    i would first check for any signs of illness as fish tend not to eat when they are sick and plagued with a disease. if you dont find its sick, it could just be because they dont eat very and it just may be as simple as its not that hungry. their stomach is only about the size of their eye. if...
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    how large is your tank from tank of the month?

    how large is your tank from tank of the month?
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    Stocking Help (Community)

    Hey guys! i need help choosing fish for a community tank! So right now i have a 20gl tank with 1 rainbow shark(3") and 2 black skirt tetras(1.5"). I want to put some more fish in, but i am not sure what else to put in the tank. i dont want to over crowd and i have a planted tank with a large...