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  1. StripySnailGirl04

    Problem with Aquarium Wood.

    Hello, I have a problem with some aquarium wood I bought a few months ago. I have a spare tank, I filled it with water(with Chlorine remover) and put the wood in there to sink. After a few days, the water turned yellow and it stank ALOT. The wood was probably rotting. So I filled the tank...
  2. StripySnailGirl04

    Silly Birb pictures of Venera!

    Hello everyone, In this thread, I'll be posting silly pictures of my budgie Venera! She is a very moody birb (and a dumb one too:lol:) but I have some very funny pictures of her that I will post later. I guess to just keep watch and see what I will post if you are interested to see...
  3. StripySnailGirl04

    Giant African Snail Questions

    Hello! I have a few questions about Giant African Snail that I hope someone can answer: When I'm on holiday( lets say 1-2 weeks) how would they survive? Can I just leave a good amount of food there? Would they survive?<-*most important question* Is a 45 by 45 by 35 cm enclosure big enough for 1...
  4. StripySnailGirl04

    Snails in Terrariums?

    Hi, As many will know, I LOVE snails and have 2 nerite snails (the other died 2 days ago:rip::byebye:) housed in a 10.6 gallon fish tank. Due to inflation, it would be very expensive to set up another tank because of water. I was wondering if anyone knows any species of snails that can live in...
  5. StripySnailGirl04

    Oldest Snail Died☹️

    Hello, It's been a while since I've been online but my oldest Snail, Great Admiral Nerite, died this week. I think it's dead because the tank smells more and it looks dead. Its been upside-down for a few days. If this is a mistake, I will update in the event the snail will revive. It lived for...
  6. StripySnailGirl04

    Rabbit Snail Tank Size?

    Hello, I know that the optimal tank size for rabbit snails is at least 20 gallons but if I had 2- 3 rabbit snails and no other aquatic animals in the tank, could they live in a 10 gallon, maybe even a 7 gallon? I'm aware that they breed but from what I've read, they only produce offspring...
  7. StripySnailGirl04

    I found wood, FINALLY!!!

    Today was clearly my lucky day because I found wood in my LFS which is a suitable size(I think). Any tips on testing and preparing the wood? Thanks in advance!
  8. StripySnailGirl04

    Tetra almost vertical please help!

    One of my tetras are almost vertical. I've fed it flakes today but it is extremely bloated, swims very quick and too quick to be caught and put seperately. Do you need water parameters? I'm sorry for the inconvenience but it is too quick for my phone to take a picture. Should I draw it? What...
  9. StripySnailGirl04

    Did I feed my fish something bad?

    Hello, I actually have another fish in a tank kept as a secret up until now. I was feeding it earlier with new food recommended by www/beheadeddeadfish.noonecares but now it is dead. What could have possibly gone wrong? Any help appreciated 🙂
  10. StripySnailGirl04

    Snail Digital Art

    Hello Homo Sapiens and Snails! I have started creating snail digital art on Gimp. If you have any snail pictures, please post them and I will recreate them. The pictures will also have a clear background. I will eventually do other aquatic species as well :yahoo:This is what I have done so far...
  11. StripySnailGirl04

    Saltwater Snails- please post pictures!

    Hello, I like freshwater more than saltwater but anyways, does anyone have saltwater Snails? Please post pictures if you do! The following information would also be really useful : Species Tank Size Water params Tankmates Picture of the tank. Thanks!
  12. StripySnailGirl04

    We need to help Tropco.

    I was looking at their snails for sale on their website when I came across this: As you can see, we have some lovely 'Random Snails' for sale. Quite interesting, don't you agree? Any volunteers to help Tropco and identify...
  13. StripySnailGirl04

    Is fossilised wood safe?

    Hello, Is fossilised wood safe to use in aquariums if I wash it with hot water. I went on a fossil hunt yesterday and found piles of fossilised wood amongst the London clay (Eocene Epoch) to add to my fossil collection. I have alot with me so can I use some for my tank? Thanks!
  14. StripySnailGirl04

    Fish Food Served on Plates *please see*

    Hello, I had an idea of serving fish food on plates so here is the first one. If you like the idea, please turn on the notifications for this thread so you know when I make the next dish. 🙂 Algae macaron with staple flakes and crushed dry mix. Decorated with wooden flowers: Ingredients ...
  15. StripySnailGirl04

    Do fish eat lettuce?

    Random question. Please answer the title. :thanks:
  16. StripySnailGirl04

    Last attempt to save frogbit.

    A few months ago, my frogbit looked like this: Now, 90% is gone and the remaining is in bad condition. The rosy barbs ate all the roots so that is my main problem. My current plan of action : Float a few small tubs in the tank and put frogbit in there, without the interference of the barbs...
  17. StripySnailGirl04

    Plants for a high pH.

    Probably does not matter for plants whether pH is high or low but I need some background plants, not anubias because I have plenty of that. pH: between 7.6 and 8.4 GH : approx 21d KH: between 15 and 20 d Any recommendations? Also, my frogbit has a struggle of survival because my Rosy Barbs...
  18. StripySnailGirl04

    When nature grants you a jungle.

    Always admired a jungle tank. The right side of my tank: sure😏
  19. StripySnailGirl04

    Cryptocoryne Sprout Journal

    Hello, There is a new plant sprout growing in an aquarium, probably a Crypt, so I thought it would be nice to keep a small journal of it🙂 *Sorry if any snails get in the way of any photos*
  20. StripySnailGirl04


    How am I supposed to enter the next TOTM when my Rosy Barbs ate the beautiful roots of my frogbit (🤣🤣🤣 and😭😭😭)??? Before: After: