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  1. Oblio

    Anorexic Black Skirt (Glofish)

    This poor fellow seems to be wasting away. I notice he is eating but is lethargic. All others in community tank are fine.
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    Forgive the sidejack, but this is the edition I read. Mr. Stein was (is?) also a prolific sci-fi author.
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    It's not easy being Green

    Interesting article on why plants are Green
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    Centerpiece/Divider Tank

    I'm toying with the idea of a tank for a centerpiece or divider in a room rather than against a wall. What is the best tank setup to both hide equipment and allow views from around the tank without the clutter of HOB etc? Has anyone here set up a tank in this way?
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    Feed Me! - Unique regional food

    What is a unique regional food from your location or hometown (city or region)? What would you serve to or treat a visiting friend? My hometown is St. Louis MO, which has the following that come to mind: St. Louis Style Pizza - Unlike other styles of pizza (e.g. NY or Chicago) you really...
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    Cleaning BGA from Pothos roots

    I have some Pothos that are picking up a bit of BGA (Cyanobacteria) on their roots. Do I need to remove this, and if so what is the recommended technique?
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    Oily film

    I just noticed an oily film while doing a WC and BGA cleanup. Only recent changes within the past WC last week was the addition of two new Pothos and some aphids by flushing them off a Basil cutting. It appears there are a few aphid larvae but certainly not enough to spike ammonia give the...
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    Demented Killifish

    Interesting article
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    Oxford trip

    Our DD will be traveling to Oxford in a few weeks, attending GA Tech on the Oxford Campus. She will be there for 6 weeks with some free time, then heading on to EU for 6 weeks of touring. Looking for must see recommendations while in UK, places to avoid (if any, due to either safety or being...
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    Now THAT's a Snail </Dundee Voice>
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    Inkbird ITC-306A

    Just arrived via Inkbird's Amazon store. Unboxing and evaluation upcoming. Background - I've got an older hand-me-down heater and I just located another while organizing the garage. My plan is to use both heaters for redundancy with the 306A to do the controlling of both. Things have been...
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    Ants and Aphids

    Awhile back I noticed a few ants on my Basil and didn't think much of it, extra protein and all. Recently I've noticed the top leaves tightly bunched but still green and loaded with ants. I pinched one bunch off and found it was loaded with aphids, and ants too. Question: I assume the ants...
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    Planted Bamboo leaves submerged?

    I've been growing bamboo with the stalk and roots in my filter and it seems to thrive. Can it thrive if the leaves are submerged with the roots in the substrate?
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    I didn't see any recent threads with this topic so ... What is your occupation, or current studies if a student, or if retired/other, what occupies your time other than fish? As for me, I'm an engineering manager in a huge engineering company, with most of my career supporting F-15 radar. I'm...
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    Are you smarter than a Cichlid?

    Maths FTW! Interesting comment WRT fish welfare in the article.
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    Are you smarter than a Goldfish?

    I'm not sure what to make of this. The fish appears to have advanced at least to Middle School level of robotics control. I find the mix of image processing and fish behavior quite interesting. Hopefully the link to video will work.
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    BGA Battle

    I continue to struggle with BGA. It has moved on and abandoned the driftwood (it's original outpost) and now covers most of the gravel substrate at the end of each week. I've reduced lighting in both intensity (60%) and duration (6hrs day, with sunset/sunrise and blue moonlight at other...
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    How to make a Flying Fish

    I thought this was interesting. Flying Fish and Aquarium Pets Yield Secrets of Evolution Also a good site for deep science articles.
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    Cory eggs?

    Just noticed these. Have my Cory’s spawned? If so, what do I do? Note: No snails in tank. Black Skirt and Buenos Aries Tetras are the only other tank mates.
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    Algae and Nitrates

    I've had several small Pothos to help hold my nitrates down but have moved them to some external vases to dose them with fertilizer to establish the roots after removing them from pots. I noticed that even after a week my nitrates only increased 1 or 2 ppm to about 4 ppm. I have also picked up...