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    67 pound hybrid Koi and its lake..

    Article splains it all..
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    Time to toss out the cuttings and extra plants ...

    LFS has no need and I'm reminded of Covis Oscin on youtube feeding his chickens a pile of red Ludwigia and lots of Rotala cuttings. You might have paid for them but there comes a time you just have to toss them out into the compost. Fish need room too!
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    On Guppybach videos.

    About the various vids about a tropical stream in Germany? Turns out there are TWO such is natural in Austria and has thick growths of aquatic plants and then you have the German tropical stream that is fed by a coal mine and has milky waters,few aquatic plants. Both though are...
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    When to thin?

    I've reached my limit in the 240G low tech. But,when you thin out a low tech's plants? It's not a recovery in 2 short can take months for plants to refill. Yet,my Rainbows and loaches could use a bit more open space. Do you go by looks or ? to decide how much? Darn thing LOOKS...
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    Can't find albino Giant Danio anywhere.

    In other parts of the country are they as hard to get here near San Francisco? Haven't seen them in years when they were as common as dirt 20 years ago or less.
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    Feed heavy before adding new fish to established aggressive fish tank.

    Ohio Fish Rescue is trying to keep two Arapaimas together in their world famous converted indoor swimming pool. I noticed in the vid a no-no,they hadn't fed the huge resident Arapaima to his fill when they put the not even half sized new Arapaima. A no-no as the big guy took a bite out of the...
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    Iron does for low tech what Co2 does for high tech.

    Now,I'm getting outrageous growth out of my plants,great color and its from every other day dosing of iron. Alternanthera is redder and thriving since going to the more often dosing. Swords are giant plants now especially the Ozelot red with huge paddle leaves. Fish love to swim under or through...
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    Bring Back the rotating spray bars..and bring back 1986 too...

    I liked those..looked professional on DSL filter rolls. Gave a nice even wall of water. Why did that go away?
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    Wink in 1967 predicts the future- and gets it right!

    Wink Martindale in this film. Check out how well they did about what "1999" would be like.
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    Microbubbles cause swollen bladders and stomachs?

    Saw a vid about and his huge commercial tropical fish business and he mentions losing fish to microbubbles until installing bleeder valves to vent then out. I wonder if aquarist who use vortexes and air pumps to a high degree lose fish that way? I see where Florida fishrescuse...
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    Anybody try mealworms for your fish?

    I was at the animal feed store and saw a pound of dead mealworms in a package for only $10. If chopped up would they be a good fish food? Or too oily and hard?
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    Keeping a terrarium for your aquarium plants.

    I've gotten where if I'm not sure a plant I wanted and bought will survive? I take a few small cuttings or strands in the case of moss and put them in jars or my 2 gallon metaframe. Sure enough two species of plants that died in my 240,are now back with my better skills a second time around and...
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    Don't be fooled by the beauty of the Red Tail Shark. You'll regret it.

    I've had a few and they were great looking fish,jet black body,fiery red fins and the elegant white tipped dorsal fin. ALL comes in a 4- 6" body that will spend every waking moment chasing all other fish around. It's the same bluff as they don't do damage..they just wear some fish down to an...
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    Unknown fluffy moss.

    Is this Christmas moss? I had some that I tossed into a jar with Sphagnum moss also last fall. Could it be that going aquatic? It has black wiry stems and this almost hair algae like fine texture. Is it Java moss? Maybe somehow THAT was also a hitcher into the jar.
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    Question about posting vids..

    Is it safe to post vids straight from your PC? I know most all use Youtube...but easier to just post from my PC. But,does that allow some kind of hacking? or is it safe?
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    Mother Fern hybrid- growing underwater?

    "Maori Princess" is big garden fern for me outdoors and its related to the common Mother fern house and garden plant depending on what your climate is. Well,reading that the princess is a hybrid of Asplenium oblongata a fern of shady stream banks. Have had it for 20 years or more. Well,the...
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    Marble Queen does color.

    For over two years it hardly grew..didn't die though. Since using iron almost every day? Hey,it's looking good. It has this almost level ring of foliage and the newest leaf has red in it. Iron and red go together once again. There are few photos of this plant on the internet and none on youtube...
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    Side of my home in the SF bay area.

    Not exactly Fiji...but I try,
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    Pumping atmospheric air into the plant aquarium.

    What is the final word on that with non Co2 aquariums? I use an air pump that feeds into the vortex of a powerhead and that returns close to the out flow of the big mag drive pump of the inside filter so blasts those bubbles across the top of the 240 gallon. I don't have scientific Co2 measuring...
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    Update on outdoor Shubunkin aquarium of 60 gallons.

    They were little 3" fish about three years ago. The small one is progeny. This aquarium is in my backyard. It has a fake rock background and for 2" past that I put in Syngonium cuttings and they help filter the water. The ferns and mosses all are naturalized. Nature put them there not me.