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    Tank cycled and stocked finally 😁

    I’ve been testing and thankfully my numbers are still good, have my fingers crossed 🤞. I have sand as substrate. They like to sift through it lol. They are getting bigger, and look super healthy so I’m hoping I don’t have any problems.
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    Tank cycled and stocked finally 😁

    Thank you 😊 I noticed the first time I fed, they were super fast at feeding. They haven’t caused any problems yet though. I usually put some on both sides of the tank, and the diamonds usually stay on one side and the angels on the other, when they eat.
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    Tank cycled and stocked finally 😁

    I guess I got confused and thought mature tank meant a cycled tank. I’ll keep an eye on everything and hopefully won’t have to much trouble 😳
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    Tank cycled and stocked finally 😁

    The PH is 7. My husband knows the numbers for the water. I’ll have to ask him. I know it’s soft. I wanna say he said 50 or 60 ppm?
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    Tank cycled and stocked finally 😁

    Yes, the one on here is the one I followed. Took 2 months to get it cycled the way it says. I used bottled ammonia.
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    Tank cycled and stocked finally 😁

    Thank you. I will definitely keep a close eye on it 😊 I hope it doesn’t go crazy on me!
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    Tank cycled and stocked finally 😁

    No, that’s all part of the background I have up on the back. The green plant you can see, is the only one that’s in the pictures I think. I don’t have any fake ones. I have 2 Amazon swords and 2 Java Ferns at the moment. I just ordered 4 more. A Vallisneria, red melon sword, Brazilian penny...
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    Tank cycled and stocked finally 😁

    Yes, I have 4 live plants right now. Just ordered some more. No, the coral is part of the background picture 😂 I thought that once you cycled a tank, you could add the fish in all at once? My ammonia is 0, nitrites are 0, and nitrates are less than 10. I’ve had them in there for a week now, so...
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    Tank cycled and stocked finally 😁

    Thank you 😊 this one is 55G, but I am getting a 125G tank, that I will be probably be moving some into.
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    Confused on what to do now 🤷‍♀️

    We have it on 85 right now, and we have two bubblers going. It’s been 5 weeks since we started cycling so hopefully the finish line is near lol