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    Confused on what to do now 🤷‍♀️

    I have been cycling my tank since June 29th. For the last three weeks everything was staying the same. About 2ppm ammonia and 0 nitrites. I tested day before yesterday and ammonia was down and there was some nitrites. I tested today and this is what it shows. Also there are some brown spots on...
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    Changed the look of my tank 😊

    I had a very bright, very pretty tank. But I realized most fish don’t care for that, so I have tried to go for a more natural look. This is the before and after picture. I also took out the fake plants, and I am getting a few live plants to put in there. The water is a little cloudy where I just...
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    Cycle stalled?

    Ok, so I am in the process of cycling my tank. I added my second dose of Ammonia on June 29th. Been testing every other day since then. My ammonia is staying at around 1ppm and nitrites and nitrates are both 0. Shouldn’t I be seeing something else by now?
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    I need professional help 😂

    Ok, so some of you may know, I went and bought a 55g tank and set it up. I absolutely love it. It’s so pretty to me. Like a little fishie wonderland oasis. I love to just look at. BUT, I have come to realize the fish may not love it quite as much as I do. I am in the process of cycling it, just...
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    New Tank Setup

    Hello, this is my first fish tank. I’m new to this hobby, looking forward to looking through all the information 😊 We got our tank set up tonight.