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    Galaxy Rasbora

    Hey all, am picking up 8 of these guys on saturday. Has anyone got them or successfully bred them? They are going into a 100L planted tank with zebra danios and two gold panchax.... At least until the panchax get their own tank. Cheers. Darth.
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    Strange Red Spot On My Bn...

    Hey all, just noticed my female BN has a red spot on her head, kinda looks like a suck mark, she is still doing everything she has always done. Eating great, water parameters are fine... Does it sound like 'hole in the head'? No pics sorry. It looks like the big male has bitten her but I dont...
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    Preg. Zebra Danio

    Hey, I have 5 zebras, looks like 2 of them are female and full of eggs, they are massive(compared to the males). Only have dwarf green rush, an Indo fern and an Anubius in there with them, do they need particular types of plants to spawn?
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    Breeding Advise...

    A mate and I are wanting to breed some fish that are hard to find here in Australia. Probably looking at some rasbora or something like that. 70L tank cleaned, new substrate in, thinking about using a cloned filter just to get a good start on a cycle. Plan set up a real natural habitat for...
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    New Fish Are In!

    Well the new fish are in and the tank looks awesome, I have to stop and watch every time I walk past! So added to the original BN plecs were 7 harlequin rasbora, 5 zebra danio and 3 gold barbs. I was talked into the barbs but they are great, cruising around the bottom/ mid tank. Put a black...
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    My Female Bristle

    She seems to be hanging around the cave the big male has dug in the substate under a piece of sandstone, is this a sign she may want to spawn?
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    For Or Against Mts?

    After reading some of the threads i'm thinking maybe I should get some. I have 4 plants at the moment with black Tahitian Moon for the substrate. Dont want them to take over the tank though.... So, for or against them?
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    My First Ammonia Spike...

    Hey guys, just got a little darker than 1 ppm reading. Did about a 40% water change, all good now. Wondering though, I have an Ambulia in there that had a dead stalk on it, when I touched it it disintergrated. Cut it right back though. Could this be the mystery cause? Only got 2 BN plecs in the...
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    Is 10 Too Many?

    Wanted to get about 10 harlequin rasbora for my 150l tank. 2 BN plecs being the only other tank mates.... Would it leave me anymore room for other fish in the future? thanx
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    Bn Breeding Question

    Hey all, will an albino male BN spawn with a common BN?
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    Tanks Looking Good....

    Well the new plants are in: dwarf green rush, ambulia and an Indo fern, all look great! Going to let these guys take for a week or so then I get my Harlequin Rasbora in there.... The tank looks better than I thought it would, keep you guys updated.....
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    New Bristlenose...

    Mate brought over a male BN today, once he settled into my tank he decided to dig himself a new cave under a corner piece of sandstone. The problem I have is that every time he goes in and out it is such a tight squeeze for him. Should I just leave him to it or introduce a new cave hoping he...
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    New Plants Are In.... Yes!

    Well added the new plants to my tank today; Dwarf Green Rush, Indonesian Fern and Ambulia at the back. The black substrate makes them all look so green. Gave them a dose of fert when everything settled, how often should I do this? Next step is the new fish..... nice...
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    My Bn Plecs

    Hey guys, a friend of mine brought over 6 BN from his breeder tank. Two would be about 2 inches, one female and one albino male, the others would be about an inch. They are in a 150L tank. Is this ok? I want to get some shoaling fish soon, should I move some of the plecs out? Also, there is no...
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    Zebra Danios....

    Anyone got them? I'm looking for something to eventually go with Harlequin Rasbora and I'm thinking they might look good together
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    Quarentine New Plants?

    Would it be best to leave the new plants I get, in a bucket (only thing i've got) for a few days first?
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    Good Plants For Hard H2o

    Hey, My GH is about 12, wondering what plants would be grow well in here? i have an Anubias that is going pretty good so far. Stoll need to get a new light too, the one I have has two regular fluro bulbs in it... Thanx
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    Harlequin Rasbora And?

    Hey all, well i think I am ready to add my plants, then the new fish. Getting Harlequin Rasbora and something else. Was going to get Tiger Barbs but not anymore. Any ideas?
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    Harlequin Rasbora.....

    Hey, I just love these fish for some reason, mind you only ever seen them on the net so.... Was going to get maybe 6 or 7, wondering about male female ratio?
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    A Little Help Required

    Hey, short version: I have a newish tank that i want to put Harlequin Rasbora in, I want a grassed area for them, was thinking java moss. Something a bit bigger, was thinking a Wendt's or something like that and something longer for the back..... Any thoughts? Oh also a mate gave me an Anubias...