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    Which Tetra?

    Currently debating between green neon tetras, Cardinal Tetras and diamond head tetras. Which would you recommend and why? Currently leaning towards the green neons.
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    Recommendations for new fish? (If I have room)

    I currently have 5 Juli Corys, 5 five banded barbs and 3 Honey Gouramis in my 125 litre tank. I have a fluval U3 filter and my ph is around 6.8 I'm looking for some recommendations for new fish to add to the tank if you all think I have any room for more? Ideally something relatively small...
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    Fin rot (I think) is getting worse.

    Noticed what I think is fin rot on one of my five banded barbs about a week or two ago. I started doing daily water changes plus dosing melafix to try and fix the problem but it seems to be getting worse. Some of my other barbs are also showing signs of fin rot (either that or they've been...
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    Peacock goby compatibility?

    Currently have a 125 litre tank with 9 five banded barbs and 6 Juli Cory's. After looking pretty hard about what to finish my tank stocking with I came across the peacock gobys at my LFS. Just wanting to know how many of them I should keep (if I decide to get them) as well as how compatible...
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    Wife wants a dwarf gourami. Thoughts?

    Currently stocked my 125 litre with 9 five banded barbs and 6 Juli Cory's, the wife has been nagging me to get something a bit more colourful and has had her eyes set on a dwarf gourami since we made a recent trip to the LFS. I don't know am awful lot about dwarf Gouramis so would appreciate...
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    Fin rot or play fighting?

    Not sure if the damage to the tail here is fin rot or just a bit of play fighting between my five banded barbs?
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    Juli or Sterbai

    I have my tank temperature at just under 24 degrees Celsius and am thinking of adding either Juli Cory's or Sterbai Cory's to go with some five banded barbs. Which one of the two Cory's will be able to cope better with the temperature in my tank?
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    Third group of fish

    I've got 9 five banded barbs and 6 Juli Cory's in my 125 litre but struggling to think about what fish to add for my third group which would fully stock my tank. So far I've been thinking of either some danios, some tetras or a pair or trio of Honey Gouramis. Advice would be appreciated. pH is...
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    Internal to external filter

    After a month or so of having my tank up and running with fish and after doing a bit of research I've noticed that upgrading to an external filter has quite a new benefits. Especially when it comes to increasing your stocking. So I have some questions about it. How do you deal out your filter...
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    Lights for new fish

    Well today was the day I bought my first fish? A group of 7 five banded barbs, they've been in the tank for just over an hour but seemed quite timid and were sheltering hunched together at the bottom in one spot under my floating plants. However I noticed that when I changed the light colour...
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    Are fish science flakes any good?

    So I've heard that the best flake food for fish are the tetra flakes but I've noticed that both my LFS mainly stock fish science flakes, just wondering if anyone has used them and thinks they're any good?
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    Water change after cycle

    So I know that you're supposed to do a large water change once your tank is cycled. About 90%? Do you need to heat your water up before you put it into the tank during this water change? Or can you just put the cold water straight into the tank and heat up for a day before adding fish since...
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    Tetras for a new tank

    After finding out that neon tetras and others are not great for a newly established tank, I'm wondering what the best tetras are for a newly cycled tank that are also easy enough for a beginner to look after and that would be compatible with cherry barbs.
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    Filter cleaning

    Hi all, So as my cycle has been progressing I've been taking the time to read up on various bits and pieces of knowledge about fish of course and about maintaing the tank and dealing with insects (something I've had to do during the cycle). However one thing I'm not too sure of is filter...
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    Am I cycled?

    I'll keep this short. Two days ago I added my ammonia snack dose (dose 3 in the guide) I tested today and both ammonia and nitrite are now zero. If I was optimistic I'd think I was cycled but I don't think thats the case. Any potential diagnosis for this? I've been cycling for over a month now...
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    Sudden nitrite drop

    My nitrite has dropped to zero 7 days after my second dose of ammonia but my ammonia is still reading at 3ppm. Is that normal or has my cycle crashed?
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    Rasboras or cherry barbs with Honey Gourami

    Planning to get a trio of Honey Gourami for my first tank but the first lot of fish in the tank will either be a school of cherry barbs or Harlequin Rasbora. Which one goes better with the Honey Gourami?
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    Are these results okay?

    On day 15 of my fishless cycle and these are my test results. Thankfully ammonia has dropped for the first time and nitrates babe started to appear! Anyone care to lend their opinion on if these results are okay?
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    Is this Algae

    Seem to have had an outbreak of this white stuff on my tank during my fishless cycle. I'm wondering is this is algae? It just seems to swish along with the flow of the water. Doesn't move at all apart from that.
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    Ammonia levels aren't dropping

    I am on day 12 of my fishless cycle and my ammonia levels don't appear to be dropping? I have had a steady ammonia reading of 4ppm on the API freshwater kit since I started the cycle. I'm wondering if my tank is just slow because nitrites appeared for the first time day at 0.50 ppm. it was my...