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  1. Guppylover:)

    RIP Jerky

    I'm sad to say that my guppy Jerky passed away last night. It's so sad how I didn't know how to save her. She got an injury and I put her in a hospital tank. I don't know what I did wrong. May she rest in peace😞😔😥❤
  2. Guppylover:)

    Hospital tank

    I need to set up a hospital/emergency fish tank for one of my fish. I don't know if I need to cycle it and what I need in the tank. Is there anything I can do? I just have no idea
  3. Guppylover:)

    Guppy looks like it's bleeding?

    So I just noticed this, it looks like my guppy is bleeding. It's just a red spot, not anything gushing, but I can't tell Sorry if those are not super great pics, I took it while it was dark.
  4. Guppylover:)

    Guppy fry

    How long does it usually take to tell what gender the fry are? I have like 12 fry in my current tank and I want to sell them but I have no clue what gender they are. Also, how much would I be able to sell them for?
  5. Guppylover:)

    Ammonia problem

    Like another thread I saw, I've been cycling my tank since the middle of July. I was testing the water rental and there's a lot of ammonia and nitrate. I'm new to the hobby and have no idea how to address this. I did a 25% water change but I don't know what to do next
  6. Guppylover:)

    I want to separate my guppy fry and adult guppies

    My guppy just had babies and I was not prepared for this (I wasn't planning on getting females but here we are) I need an idea of what I need to do to separate the fish. I don't have an extra tank with all of the needed supplies. Is there anything I need to do or get and any tips on raising and...
  7. Guppylover:)

    I want some floater plants fir my guppy tank. Any reccomendations?

    I want some floating plants just so the tank can look prettier. What are some easy to take care of floating plants that I can have on my guppy tank?
  8. Guppylover:)

    Does anybody else's fish do this?

    My guppies like to stare at one corner of the tank. They just sit there until something outside moves or a fish bothers them. They just stare. Also, some of my other guppies go to the opposite corner of the air pump and just sit there at the surface. Is there anything that I should be worried about?
  9. Guppylover:)

    I think one of my guppies is pregnant

    I got guppies like 3 days ago and I think one might be pregnant. I got all females because I didn't want to have to deal with any fry. The fish has a pudgy belly and it's gravid spot is bigger and darker than the others. What should I do
  10. Guppylover:)

    Hi I'm new

    I'm AJ and I have always loved fish. I just got guppies a few days ago and I'm loving them! I love the outdoors, atvs and camping.
  11. Guppylover:)

    I just got guppies

    I got guppies a few days ago and there's this one I'm worried about. She usually goes to the top corner of the tank on the opposite side of the air pump and just floats. She also has started to get white streaks with black dots on her back tail. Is there anything that I should do right away?