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  1. Divinityinlove

    Anubias rotting roots

    This anubias arrived with unexpectedly long roots, quite thick and instead of cutting them and gluing it to a rock, I just buried the lengthy parts and as you can see left crown and plenty of root above gravel, held down by stones. I did notice last week when some of the longer roots came out...
  2. Divinityinlove

    Female betta companions?

    My female betta was in a community tank before with guppies and tetras. She seemed happy and active. I saw no issues except for feeding times when guppies and tetras are happy to swarm to food, and she would shy away and hated being crowded and fighting for food. I moved her to a 30 litre...
  3. Divinityinlove

    Amano changes

    Why do these two look so different right now? Why's just this one amano yellowish with a very thick white line when usually he looks just like the others? Another photo of the others. Another of him.
  4. Divinityinlove

    Young endler

    Why does this endler follow the female guppy so persistently? These young endlers and female guppies are newly added to this tank. So far I'm trying to get them to understand where the food drops in as they don't race to the food whilst my regulars do and finish it all off. I end up having to...
  5. Divinityinlove

    Which snails are these?

    Hi all, Short story is; there is a video link with a close up if you skip a bit, can you identify these snails? These have showed up overnight and there are 7 today after removing two yesterday. They seem like they grow a half cm per day or something as I don't see them and all of an...
  6. Divinityinlove

    Orangey yellow stuff

    My temporary goldfish tank is the only tank where I've had this stuff and I'm curious what it is and whether I should clean it or just add a couple of snails in there/leave it as a food source? Looks more orange in person. Also looks worse on the white stone in person. Also is it related to...
  7. Divinityinlove

    White spots on amazon sword roots

    Hi. During water change today I noticed some of the roots are out of water, ....and covered in white stuff. What the heck could these be? I appreciate all of your help and insights.
  8. Divinityinlove

    Banana lily black tubers

    Hi. I've received this from eBay, the photo showed green tubers but this has black. Can't find a reference online as to why they'd be black or the meaning of it. Other than that, one leaf is already melting away. This is not uncommon in my tank and I am still working out nutrients and finding...
  9. Divinityinlove

    Shrimp population control

    Hi. I'm curious for those who've kept shrimp specifically long-term, is there a way to control the population other than, selling them, or using them to feed big fish? Is there a way to slow down or prevent breeding or, internally control population? Online, I've read that each amano shrimp...
  10. Divinityinlove

    Warm white or cool?

    I've moved the goldfish to a proper tank set up for now (still plan to move them to a pond soon). This morning when I switched on this tank light, they ran and hid and haven't come out since. I planted grass in this tank and moved an anubias into it so before taking out all plants, I need to...
  11. Divinityinlove

    Airflow splitter

    I bought this Only labelled metal, assumed it was steel as most fish tank stuff would be, and then I saw similar product labelled chromium copper. I emailed seller to ask but often they will just say they don't even know. Can anyone say is there...
  12. Divinityinlove

    Multi outlet super silent

    From your experience; to run 4 sponge filters with air stones, what would be more cost effective? running four 1.5w hygger air pumps OR running them all from a multi-outlet 8w/10w pump? A few people here mentioned running multiple tanks from one supply, but when I read that less wattage means...
  13. Divinityinlove


    I was looking at the tank next to it and jumped when this little snake wiggled in my peripheral. Never seen this before. Anyone ever kept something like this? This aquatic store I visited had little frogs and tortoises, crabs 😯. Not many fish choices to be honest though. Was an interesting...
  14. Divinityinlove


    My new shrimp tank has shrimp babies in it. After first month or so, so cute :) If anyone has experience with tech that can capture them up closer, I'd love suggestions on what camera can zoom in for detail. But while I was filming a clear bodied one, a red/orangey one showed up swimming...
  15. Divinityinlove

    Plants and water changes.

    What do you all think about this tank using no filter? when I see something like this, it brings up the question for me about water changes and gravel vac as well. I do often wonder if doing weekly water changes and monthly gravel vacuuming is removing essential nutrients for my plants. Why...
  16. Divinityinlove

    Two stage seive

    Hello, It is the second time I've seen someone showing this two stage seive on a YouTube short, catching brine shrimp... and not sharing the link for it. 😭 I searched google and it doesn't show anywhere. I'm wondering if it is in some USA only store or aquatics chain? Please tell me if...
  17. Divinityinlove

    Playsand vs Aquatic sand

    Hi. I've read a few people's comments on sand -- suggesting play sand is just as good and less expensive. I just want to double-check with experienced members, have you used play-sand in your aquariums longterm and with good results? Are there issues with finer sands? How would someone know...
  18. Divinityinlove


    I'm figuring out how to fix the detritus worm bloom in my new shrimp tank. I don't gravel vac as I don't want to disturb the shrimp, they're pretty small like 1.5cm max and 1cm shrimp also in there. I'm always concerned about hurting them so I just do a gentlee and sloooow 50% water change...
  19. Divinityinlove

    Plant consumption

    My amanos have destroyed my stem plants.... I was putting plenty of extra food in for them, now ordered shrimp king complete...but I'm wondering if this is going to keep happening....... If there's a way to stop it -- they are by no means underfed, they consume a hell of a lot... They completely...
  20. Divinityinlove

    HA6 silicone

    I used HA6 silicone to seal the second hand tank I purchased just to be extra sealed and secure. It says marine safe. Just wondering how long it takes to be 100% cured and safe to add fish and not leach? Anyone used it? I saw somewhere 7 days, it has been 5 days and I intended to add in 2, now...