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  1. fish48

    breeding clown killifish

    Last November I bought three pairs of Clown Killies. Epiplatys annulatus which have been quite happily swimming around in there little tank,1 recently got them into good breeding conditions I placed a spawning mop each end of the tank in the past week I have collected over 20 eggs so hoping to...
  2. fish48

    Epiplatys dageti

    I recently had a problem trying to spawn this easy to keep fish Epiplatys dageti with not getting much success except for a few eggs once in a while I decided to replace the male with another one. in the last 5 days they have had over 160 eggs and have had as many as 60 eggs in a single...
  3. fish48

    Xiphophorus helleri

    Xiphophorus helleri common name green swardtail picture of my fully grown male , he won Best in Show 2 months ago
  4. fish48

    Gambusia marshi

    Gambusia marshi are one of the better looking of the Gambusia family
  5. fish48

    coffer tail Guppy

    coffer tail Guppy or sometimes known as the spadetail Guppy don't look so good in the picture but really nice looking fish
  6. fish48

    Vietnamese Cardinal Minnow

    Vietnamese Cardinal Minnow /tanichthys micagemmae when seeing these beautiful little fish swimming around the pet shop tank I decided to buy 3 pairs hopefully to get them breeding soon
  7. fish48

    one of my goodeid species

    Girardinichthys viviparus G . viviparus are rarely seen in the fish keeping hobby also can be difficult to keep , I find they do well at a temperature between 70f and 60f a good quality flake food and live food should be added to the diet , below male) female a day before she gave birth to...
  8. fish48

    crown tail betta

    2-days ago I brought a very nice looking crown tail Betta he's doing well in a 10 gallon tank and already started to build a bubble nest.
  9. fish48

    Xiphophorus montezumae

    one of my X montezumae
  10. fish48

    prepared food

    some of the prepared foods that i feed my livebearers, today's menu peas ,mussels. fruit flies, and boiled egg yolk,
  11. fish48

    xenotoca doadrioi

    Xenotoca doadrioi san Marcos. Mexico Common name golden saddle, Critically endangered ,. Temperament. will nip fins of small / slow moving fish, Temperature. do well between 68 f _74 f, Food. will accept any food offered flake ,frozen, live foods, Greens. spinach, lettuce, or peas, Size. up to...
  12. fish48

    first time together

    last week I bought a pair of Betta's , nothing special just the usual pet shop strain yesterday I put the female in the jar so they can see each other the male has taking interest and built a bubble nest . today I let the female out of the jar they're both happy swimming around hopefully they...
  13. fish48

    axolotl eggs

    today axolotl eggs have started to hatch about 150 of them
  14. fish48

    celestial pearl danio

    on the 1st of April my celestial pearl danios spawned having more then more than 70 eggs, today all hatch and looking good. photo on both adult fish to keep them in good condition they need a good variety of food and some live food should be added to there diet
  15. fish48

    apple snails

    some of my apple snails , adult Golden Apple snails about 18 months old and some of their babies apple snails are not too difficult to breed eggs usually Hatch within 2 /3 weeks depending on temperature new born snails can be sensitive to water quality water changes and can be a bit of a...
  16. fish48

    i need a fix

    it's gonna be a good weekend I am going to visit some very good fish keeping Friends. both with fish rooms so I'm sure I come back with some interesting fish
  17. fish48

    Mexican_tetra/ blind cave fish

    The blind cave fish is one of those fish you either like them or you don't, when I bought a group of them about 3 years ago the shop assistant laughed and said why do you want those horrible looking things I gave him a simple answer I like them and find them fascinating and i want to breed them...
  18. fish48

    swallow tail Guppies

    one of my swallow tail Guppies some can turn out to be nice looking fish, any guppy with such a long gonopodium will not be able to breed with females in each brood there will be a percentage of normal males which can be bred back to the females
  19. fish48

    Redline Halfbeak

    yesterday I bought 4 pairs of Redline Halfbeak (Hemirhamphodon tengah today they are showing a bit more colour and feeding on live mosquito larvae and flake food, hopefully I'll get fry from them soon Female
  20. fish48

    good brood size for a swordtail

    last time she ate the babies except 3 so last week I decided to trap her. this time 132 fry today I moved them to a larger tank. the adult female back in main tank. and young being released into there new tank