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    strange litte puffers

    In a new lfs which has opened in a near by town they are selling tinyest puffers ever!!!! they are like 0.5 - 1 cm big!!!! and they are £3.50 which i think is quite expensive...... what i would like to know is that it said they grew to 1 inch is this true of any puffer species?????????!!!! -_-...
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    New bettas

    today i broght home tow new bettas i have really wanted bettas for ages :D a very long time and today i bought 1 red male he had very bad fins :blink: but i liked his colour and a feamle for him she is smalller and blue (shiny) i caled the male roarey and the female angel!!! :D :thumbs: its...
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    thinking of adding cichlids not lake

    this is my tank some of the fish are quite small as they are growing fry CHERRY BARBS 2 baby cherry barbs called merlin (male) and tinkabel (female) GUPPIES 1 red guppy called poppy(f),1 red guppy called percy (m) and 1 red guppy called syvil (f) SWORDTAILS 1 red-orange swordtail called moe (f)...
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    can i get a pair of cichlids

    this is want i have in my tank its a 30 gallon tank some of the fish are small adults (growing fry) CHERRY BARBS 2 baby cherry barbs called merlin (male) and tinkabel (female) GUPPIES 1 red guppy called poppy(f),1 red guppy called percy (m) and 1 red guppy called syvil (f) SWORDTAILS 1...
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    trimar website??

    trimar website address??? does anyone know it?? :D :thumbs:
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    less common livebearers????

    does anyone have any ????? like goodeide's :D i would really like to get some can anyone recomend some where to get them from i live in south england. alsio has anyone kempt them???? :D :thumbs: would like to try some different livebearers :P :cool:
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    cichlid ID what is it??

    the fish is david27's the big fish , first pic
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    Euthanasia for fishes

    unfortually i can't find anywhere which will take my fry as all the place i go to have a large supllie of better looking mollies.........what iam i going to d i don't want my tank getting over run well it is kinda ta the mo ......... :-( :no: i don't no if euthnaisa is the right thing to...
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    hey peeps please help me!!!

    :D eveyone please hlep and send ur thought to my other post titled "itty bitty betta answer please" i need help on wether it ok too keep a betta in a tank with no heater and filter!! :D so please go to the post! :thumbs:
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    itty bitty betta??? please answer

    itty bittty betta??? can i ask u a question how do u keep ur bettas alive and stuff etc cos u seem like a pro and u have loads of the little guys ....but i didnt notice any heaters of filters?? what do u do cos i have seen thos tnaks on sale in birtain i was think of getting one!!! for a betta...
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    WOW!!! look at nov's nominies!!

    i was just looking at the choice for the tnak of the mont and fish of the month and as a compulsive voter and nomnationer of it i was really shocked at all the great fisha nd tanks there were so mnay great fisha nd tanks to choose form . also loads of peeps voted like over 200 in some...
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    lake victorian cichlids>????

    can someone please give some names of victorian cichlids (common names) i just wondered as i havnt heard of them :blink:
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    Why the change in name?

    well how come aren't prianhas characan's -_-
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    oto fry.... i think i saw one!!!

    i think i saw acatfish fry all i could see was shadow shape of it but it moved and loookied like the shape of an otto..... so how do ottos breed.....i have redfin otos also on died recently there nay reason for this??....also its was about 3/4 of a cm :D :thumbs:
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    blind cave fish??

    are there any other cave fish like blind cave fish???? :D
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    rummy-nose tetra

    rummy-nose tetra - hemigrammus rhodostomus are they really yello with red noses??? like my fishie books has a picture of them also... i have see otehr with red noses with brown bodyand dark line down the middle confsued.... i know there are dfferant speacie but is this sepies the yallow...
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    what do u use to get pictures??

    i was wondering what u used to get the pic of ur fish was it a ditagel caera .... i know some peeps use web cams but mine is crap -_- :crazy: :( soo ??? what u use?
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    lol catched more babys

    well recently we bought a floating baby hateraty great idea who ever invented it , they need a medal!!!! but anaywas in it wethught we had too guppys but my surspision are one is a platy cos it shorts and fat and the guppy is long and skinny also todya i put in more paty fry of a new batchgod...
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    why is this forum moderator-less

    why is this forum moderator-less????????? :blink: :unsure: :( :sad: WHY!!
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    anyone succesfully breed goldfish!!!

    anyone succesfully breed goldfish!!! :D :thumbs: