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  1. Classy

    Angelfish with Dwarf Cichlids?

    Hello! I was wondering if any type of dwarf cichlid would be able to live together with angelfish in a 180 gallon tank. My PH is 7.5
  2. Classy

    Plant mold

    Hello! I recently found this mold/algae on my plant. I was wondering what this is and if this is harmful.
  3. Classy

    Cardinal tetra and other tetras?

    Hello, so I currently have about 19 cardinal tetras in my 180, and I'm going to get some more tetras. Can someone recommend me some other good tetras to keep with them, and be compatiable with my upcoming purchase of angelfish. Thanks
  4. Classy


    Hello! I'm going to be buying angelfish in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to find a good site to order them from. stock looks stunning. I was thinking of ordering the pack of 10. So I was wondering has anyone ordered from them, and were they good or bad? Thanks
  5. Classy

    180 Gallon Tank

    My tank wont be ready for awhile to add some fish I just want to get some opinions on my tank ideas. The dimensions are 72 inches by 24 inches. I'm thinking of buying a 10 pack of angelfish from A green dragon bristle nose pleco. Also a school of Blue emperor tetras and maybe...
  6. Classy

    Community tank

    Hello! In 2 weeks I'm going to be adding new fish to my tank. This weekend I'm cleaning out my tank, filling it up, and adding some gravel. I'm then going to during the upcoming week and some tetras to cycle the water. Then the week after that I'm ordering some angelfish. I was wondering if...
  7. Classy

    Angelfish and compatible fish

    Hello, I have a 180 gal tank and I was wondering how many angelfish can be kept in here. Also, I was wondering what type of fish would be compatible with the angelfish. The tank has no fish in it currently.