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  1. momsspaghett

    What type of shrimp

    Hello I was just wondering if anyone knew what type of shrimp this may be? I got one from a breeder and now I have about 5 of these kinds. Thanks.
  2. momsspaghett

    Is high nitrate ok for established planted tank

    Hello. I have had this tank running around 3 years now and I have been able to grow and keep the beneficial bacteria's in my sponge and quartz rings. Today I checked my water after a couple months and read 0 ppm ammonia, ph 7.6, nitrite 0, nitrate 40 ppm. I have read a few reviews and comments...
  3. momsspaghett

    Can cory catfish interbred with other types?

    Hello. I have a few cories, julii and pepper, and I was wondering if they can breed with different types? Julii+pepper. I have a female julii and the rest I believe are males between the pepper and the other julis. Any information on if it is possible?
  4. momsspaghett

    How long does nitrite take to convert into nitrate?

    Hello. Yesterday around noon I completely cleaned out my tank (about 85-90% water change) which hadn't been deep cleaned in about 2 months, only one fish in it, an oto. I do 25% water changes/adding water to the tank about every other week when the water level goes down. My water paraments prior...
  5. momsspaghett

    Best bottom feeders that would eat snails?

    Hello. Just recently I have gotten an explosion of baby snails in my tank. I was planning on adding some bottom feeders in the tank like a cory or siamese. Any suggestions? Theres a betta and oto in it currently, planted tank.
  6. momsspaghett

    Brown spots on fin and under face

    Hello. I recently have looked over my betta and have noticed a brown spot on his fin which looks like algae or fungi. Under his face is also pretty brown, looks like lack of scales growing because of it. Any idea what may be the problem?
  7. momsspaghett

    Bugs and white stuff on fish

    Hello. Came home from work today and noticed bugs on the side of the glass that are jumping around on top of the water as well. I have had these bugs jumping around before but they eventually went away, can't remember if they are harmless or not. I have noticed white "spores" or "spider web...
  8. momsspaghett

    Weird Ph levels

    Hello. I have been testing all of my levels and everything looks fine besides my ph. My ph is always 7.6 but my high ph range changes in colors somewhat. From what I tested, it has remained maybe around 7.6-7.8 when I tested them 2-3 weeks ago. A few days ago I tested and saw that it looked like...
  9. momsspaghett

    No to blood worms?

    Hello. I currently am trying to feed my betta frozen blood worms and I have never seen a betta refuse/ignore the blood worm. My second betta coming from the same fry batch (they are about 2.5, 3 months old) eats the bloodworms with joy! I got some frozen brine shrimp and I am planning on trying...
  10. momsspaghett

    Most effective snail for plant decay

    Hello. My tank is heavily planted and I have a lot of decaying leaves and plant matter in the tank and I have been picking out the dead leaves every week/every few days. Does anyone have recommendations of snails that would be good for my tank? I am only really planning on getting one or two and...
  11. momsspaghett

    New Tank Situation ASAP Advice

    Hello. I recently bought a 2-3 month old betta from ebay from a breeder and I asked for one single male. Apparently they would include a second betta in which I specifically did not ask for; now I have 2, one male, one female. I only have one tank available and that was for the male, now I have...
  12. momsspaghett

    Dumb question 101, Endlers

    Just got two endlers and I'm kinda curious if one is a female. I'm positive they are both male but other perspectives would be appreciated. Also, the endlers rule. I don't want any females so is 1:2 male ok? Or do I need another?. Thanks.
  13. momsspaghett

    Guess on what this ph reading says

    Hello. I have the master kit and I have been testing my tank recently since I redid it completely. Ammonia levels are at 0, nitrites 0, and nitrates 5.0mm. Checked my ph and I commonly get 7.6, rarely 7.2. Tried the high range and the color always produces a light brownish orange. It somewhat...
  14. momsspaghett

    Pea Puffers and juvenile betta fish

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone has pea puffers for sale along with any betta frys. I'm not looking to pay 40+ in shipping so that is not an option if anyone is shipping with that cost. I live in Utah so if someone is around the area, please let me know if you know of any place that has any of...
  15. momsspaghett

    Ramshorn Bladder infestation

    Hello. I currently have a 8 gal cubed tank which is only occupied with snails. Started with a few, now a whole army. Just wondering what is the easiest way to get rid of all of them so I can start over this fish tank? The tank is planted but has died down with plants because of the snails...
  16. momsspaghett

    Ammonia won't leave (8 gal cube planted)

    Hello. I currently transitioned to a new filter; the Azoo 150. I put some bio max filter media in it, a few almond leaves along with the sponge that comes with the filter and its been running pretty well. My tank looks very clean since I did about a 50-60% water change before putting in mystery...
  17. momsspaghett

    Recommendations for 7.5 gal cube tank filter

    I currently have this filter that came from the tank that I got from sam's club/amazon And the filter is getting old and not doing so well. I don't know where to find the filters at anymore besides Walmart and I think they discontinued them...
  18. momsspaghett

    White film on my plants/plant bulbs

    Hello. I've had my tank going for 3-4 weeks now and I am currently letting it grow. I started growing my lotus seeds in the tank and a few have this odd film on them. What is this? My snails have been having a good ole time with the seeds and have been eating at them as well, why? Thanks.
  19. momsspaghett

    Interesting colors and debris/algae in planted tank

    Hello. I have recently started to cycle my planted tank for about 2 and a half weeks. I have added quite a bit of plants in the tank along with Eco Complete substrate, flourish tabs and liquid flourish in the tank. The tank tends to have 6-8 hours of bright LED lighting along with a filter...