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  1. George Farmer

    Minimalist Iwagumi

    It's Eleocharis acicularis, commonly known as haigrass. Thanks.
  2. George Farmer

    Basics In Aquascaping

    One of the best beginner-friendly aquascaping articles I've read. I wish I had access to something like this when I bought my first aquarium. Well done, Lissette! :good:
  3. George Farmer

    Television Presenter's Aquarium Makeover

    Sure. When I get a minute I'll post a seperate thread with a few of my favourites, from an 8 litre to a 5,300 litre.
  4. George Farmer

    Television Presenter's Aquarium Makeover

    Hi all, Thanks for the feedback. The 'siesta' is not intentional to limit algae, although it is said that it helps. It's more to do with viewing times. My own thoughts are that if you inject CO2 but aren't able to keep it constant or high enough, then a dark period may help with the CO2 still...
  5. George Farmer

    Television Presenter's Aquarium Makeover

    Hi all - it's been a while... Last summer I got in touch with Jonny Smith, car journalist and TV presenter, probably best known from Fifth Gear. Jonny's been a keen fishkeeper since he was a child, but he admitted his tank had seen better days, and accepted the offer of a makeover. The tank...
  6. George Farmer

    240 Litre Jungle

    Thanks, all. :) It's good. I'm running quite low CO2 at around 2 bubbles per second. I have more CO2 going into my 60cm. I find with lower lighting (much of the planting is shaded by floating plants or plants with their leaves across the surface), CO2 is less important. Growth is also more...
  7. George Farmer

    240 Litre Jungle

    Spec - Tank - Aquariums Ltd 120 x 45 x 45cm and cabinet with DIY front panel Lighting - Arcadia OT2 luminaire (4 x 54w T5), 2 tubes for 9hrs, DIY lighting stand (supplied by Dan Crawford) Filter - Fluval FX5 with 25mm-16mm fittings (thanks Gareth!), Fluval G inlet/outlet, Hydor inline heater...
  8. George Farmer

    Minimalist Iwagumi

    Some more pics. I changed the Cardinals to Neons (long story involving an art gallery).
  9. George Farmer

    Minimalist Iwagumi

    Thanks for the kind words, all. :D The rocks are Mini Landscape Rock, supplied by Aqua Essentials. They're also known as Seiryu Stone, supplied by ADA.
  10. George Farmer

    Minimalist Iwagumi

    Thanks for all the feedback! :) BigC - I'm really good, thanks. biffster - Yes, 120cm Iwagumi's are very possible. I've set a couple up before now. The latest large Iwagumi I set up was for Aquarium Architecture, a 240cm, 1500 litre tank. llj - I chose cardinals because I think the contrast...
  11. George Farmer

    Minimalist Iwagumi

    Every week - without fail. Thanks, Ian.
  12. George Farmer

    Aquascaping On Tv

    You Tube The tank Me in rehersal Dan Crawford, James Starr-Marshall and I recently set up a fully planted aquascape for Sky1’s new UK TV show, Liza and Huey’s Pet Nation. The show celebrates the nation’s obsession with pets and a researcher spoke with me...
  13. George Farmer

    My Planted Marine Tank

    Some close-ups from my skimmerless macroalgae 125 litre/33 US gal. tank. To be featured in PFK soon...
  14. George Farmer

    Brand New Fluval Fx5 External Filter - Bargain

    Award-winning Fluval FX5 external filter suitable for large aquaria. See link for more details - Brand new, still in sealed box. Unwanted gift. Collect only. Stamford, Lincolnshire. £125 PM if interested.
  15. George Farmer

    Warm White?

    Warm white is fine. Plants adapt to most spectrums, so choose what suits your taste.
  16. George Farmer

    A Retrospective Of Aquascaping

    Thanks, everyone!
  17. George Farmer

    A Retrospective Of Aquascaping

    80cm - Dutch Flavour 80cm - Mother Microsorium 30cm - Meadow Zephyr 80cm - The Shade 80cm - Blyxa Hills 60cm - Sumatran Chocolate 120cm - South East Asia 30cm - Little Mountain 120cm - Harlequins' Haven 60cm - English Summer 60cm - Finery If planted tanks are your thing...
  18. George Farmer

    2008 Aquatic Gardeners Convention

    Mark, are you confusing 'convention' with 'contest'....? The AGA contest opens in September, I believe. It's not open for entries yet.
  19. George Farmer

    Another Planted Tank...

    You can read all about it in the latest PFK. 60 litres, black neon tetras.