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    I keep reading that co2 keeps algae under control. My tanks do not have any injected co2.But, they to receive liquid co2 once when I do a water change and another 3-5 days before another change usually 7-10 days. All tanks are heavy planted and have floating plants. The plants are growing well...
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    Good Stock

    I need a male swordfish. I bought a trio a week ago and the male lasted 3 days. So I have two females. The GCCA would have swaps that I would go to and know I am buying fish that were tank raised. Of course those have been cancelled. So now I stumped. I thought about buying from the fish stores...
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    Conditioning blue eye Rainbows.

    Can a person condition Blue Eye Rainbows with freeze dried brine or blood worms? How about live bearers?
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    Fish dying

    Hi I have a problem. I bought a trio of swordfish one male two females. Females took to the tank right away. The male hid in the plants. I saw him swimming the first and second day. The third day found him dead. The tank has a pair of Rainbows, a few guppies and a Bristol nose place. it is a 10...
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    Fish photo contest

    Hi How can I submit photos for the fish photo contest? I see the thread but nowhere to enter. Thanks
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    Rainbow problem

    I'm having a problem with my male Millinium Rainbow. The female passed a few months ago The Millennium was a very peaceful fish. Up till the female was lost. Now he is a sort of bully. I have another tank with a male and female millennium but smaller than the bully. If I put him into the smaller...
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    Blue Eye Lemon Pleco

    Hi I have had Albino Plecos. spawn and raised the young. So I would like to try Blue Eye Lemon Plecos this year. L144A. Anyone have any info on breeding this beauty? They are expensive at Live Aquaria. $50 each.
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    Cycled sub straight

    Due to a health problem in our house I have to break down my fish tanks I might be able to put a couple back up in the future. Can I keep the sub straight or should I just by new? The canister filter material I will throw away and just replace
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    Gravel cleaner and syphon

    Hi. My gravel/water siphon broke after 10 years. Completely manual no pump to start the siphon. I need to buy a new one. So I'm looking at Amazon a Kasan,Python and a number of others. The Kason has a nice feature of changing the uptake hose size.. Plus it has a bulb starter. Python has the bulb...
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    Freeze dried vs frozen food

    Hi I have read conflectiing stories about freeze dried being just air with no nutrients in the food. Frozen is better keeps in the nutrients. Than I read nutrients are the same in both. People eat freeze dried food all the time. I don't know what to believe. How long does flakes, pellets...
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    Plant problems

    Hi I am having a plant problem. This is in a 20gl tank up since December 2019. Eco complete, Excell,Flourish trace,Envy Propel. Excell, everyday, Flourish trace and envy every other day and propel every other day. The plant was growing great New strong shoots and sending out new plants. Than...
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    Dwarf Ram

    Rams have been my favorite since I had my first fish tank many many years ago. This photo shows how colorful they are.