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    2 of my red devils

    here are pics of 2 of my red devils from 1 month ago and from today. :) 1 month ago and today 1 month ago and today
  2. J

    new pics...04-10-05

    this is the pure A. labiatus I got from an lfs that got them from Rapps. He/she is about 5-5.5" now. :) Here's a new pic of the mostly white pet store red devil I got a few weeks ago. This one looks to have a lot more midas in it than devil but I'll call it a "Pet store Red devil". :D...
  3. J

    new fish arrived today

    these guys were a little bigger than I expected. they were still difficult to photograph though due to their silver color and overall small size. :) :)
  4. J

    some new cichlid pics

    :) and a few other pics my favorite firemouth here he/she (I think and hope she) is chasing away another firemouth and finally, yes I do every so often engage in a fascinating game of Peek-a-Boo with my male festae. :lol:
  5. J

    new pics

    Polypterus palmas polli Polypterus ornatipinnis...this is about as good as it gets. :lol: Polypterus delhezi and Polypterus palmas polli Polypterus delhezi Pimelodus blochii (I think)...underneath you can see the back end of the ornatipinnis and the head of my Polypterus palmas...
  6. J

    yet more new pics

    I have 5 robertsoni...1 is a 4 yr old female and the others I've had for about 8 months or so. I believe of these 4 I have 2 males and 2 females. here is one of the males...the 2 males are roughly 3.5-4" here is the adult female...approx. 6" and the red devil...bought at lfs that...
  7. J

    still more new pics

    Herichthys sp. 'rio salto' male...this guy wouldn't hold still so it was very difficult to focus on him. Thorichthys sp. 'Mixteco Green' Caquetaia kraussi
  8. J

    more new pics

    grammodes and firemouth I swear everytime I got these guys in focus they swam off. It took about 25-30 at least to get these shots. :lol:
  9. J

    new pics

    zonatus synspilums I got this guy from the same guy I got the zonatus from. He bought them both at an lfs that got them from Jeff Rapps. :) Vieja regani--also got this from Kevin who got them from Rapps. Total I've gotten a zonatus, regani, heterospilus and synspilum from...
  10. J

    took lots of pics last night

    female this one was taken without flash male no flash and with flash and them together
  11. J

    new fish...Paratheraps zonatus

    Paratheraps zonatus and Paratheraps synspilus zonatus...pardon the glare synspilus pic for coloration. Pardon the glass. that's algae growing in scratches that were in the glass when I bought the tank. :( female robertsoni ~5-5.5" Caquetaia kraussi and a couple...
  12. J

    new pics

    male H. carpintis best pic I've ever gotten of one of my Cyprichromis leptosoma 'Utinta' male Honduran Red Point Herichthys labridens male Thorichthys sp. 'mixteco blue' Paratheraps synspilum
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    new pics

  14. J

    new pics

    pure Red devil from Rapps. I hope to get one of my new 32 gallon tanks setup soon to move him into. I found my male festae ramming the divider last nite:eek: Not sure if he was freaked out or if he saw the devil but I really don't wanna take the chance. :) female festae male...
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    cichlid and puffer pics

    male cryptoheros sp. cutteri nandopsis grammodes grammodes again one of 2 new firemouths. still new to the tank, but they showed excellent color at the lfs Herichthys labridens Paratheraps synspilum not sure what this little guy is. I had a guess but I think it's wrong...