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  1. NWC

    My New World Cichlid Adventure

    My first journal on the forum 😊 A bit of background on my fish keeping. Im no stranger to keeping new world cichlids. I kept them for many years with motoro stingrays in large tanks. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to fish and mine is certainly new world cichlids. Big, beautiful...
  2. NWC

    In home aquarium building service in the UK?

    Hello, Im looking at large tanks atm. My issue is anything over 6ft is going to be a issue to get into the room i plan to use. Does anyone here know of a company that can build larger tanks on site? Thank you for any replies in advance.
  3. NWC

    Thanks for having me

    Hello Fish Forums, Im returning to the hobby after many years and am very excited about doing so. I used to keep some large set ups and am now in a living position to do so again. I have a passion for new workd cichlids and fresh water rays. Ive recently set up a 200l tank as a temprary home to...