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    Total chaos.

    Top tank was the original and the only thing thriving are the Gourami and shrimp. All plants are struggling badly. Water has turned very dark so decided to break it all down and start over. Going to proceed the same way with the major changes being substrate depth with root tabs and now filtered...
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    Gourami mating?

    I have a tank with 5 Gourami in it. 2 Dwarf and 3 Red Flame. All of a sudden today one is picking leaves from the bottom and sticking them into a floating plant. Also that one and another are dancing tail to tail and chasing away the others. Is this mating?
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    Tannin's and stained water.

    Breaking down my 36gal Bow Front to start over to correct some mistakes made. The tank was progressing nicely then recently it started to crash. Water parameters were all good and the fish and shrimp were thriving. Slowly the plants started to fall off. First the s. repens then my Amazon sword...
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    Rescued free tank

    Just picked up a nice used Innovative Marine Nuvo Micro 30L Fusion for free. Came with a bunch of filter parts and media, the tank heater, water pump and stand. Also a bunch of different jars of fish and shrimp food and a few tank decorations. Already have the tank scrubbed out and holding...
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    Water softening

    The water I an using is coming from a shallow point well and is very hard and when tested it does show low levels of nitrate but is well within the safe zone of the Tetra test strips. We have been trying to collect rain water to dilute down our well water. Recently the collected water I had...
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    When I put this tank together I started with a very large piece of wood from Petsmart as a center piece. It is nearly as tall as my 36g bowfront and is almost as wide as front to back when in the corner. Has a lot of character to it. Well again I started I didn't know about boiling it first to...
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    Recently planted tank

    Just some comments and a question on these plants. The tank is a 36g bowfront, substrate is first a undergound plenum then covered by a mixture or a natural clay kitty litter and potting soil that is about 1" deep over the plenum and then another layer of small smooth pebble over that. Hardscape...
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    Question on S. repens

    I have some recently planted in a 36g some S. repens that were starting to do well and recently they started getting attacked by my fish, CAE and a Red Tail shark. I would come to the tank and find what looks like plant tops floating. These are small pieces with 5 to 8 small leaves on them and...
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    another newb

    Hello people, My name is Kevin and just recently started into the hobby and of course have a bazillion question to ask in time. The wife and I already have two tanks going. Hers a 29g with plastic plants and mostly tetra glo a couple sharks and two Dwarf Gourami. Mine is a 36g Bow front with a...