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    Omg babies Help

    I have albino bristlenose babies like 30 of them not sure how to take care of them. I moved them all and put them in a 10 gallon in a breeder box need help with the care like what do they eat ect???. Was not expecting this whatsoever but I want them to be healthy.
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    New here :)

    Hello all, I’m from Ontario Canada. Let me tell you about my beautiful tank :) I have a 90g with live plants my fish consists of 4 clown loaches , 1 elephant nose, 3 bristle nose plecos, 4 cory cats and 7 guppies. I also have 4 separate tanks for my batta’s.
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    Guppy help pic avail

    Hello I just noticed today that my guppy has a white bump at the beginning of his tail. What is it and how to cure it? My water levels are good. The tank is over 6 months, regular water changes. Thank you