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    Waspfish 10 Or 15 Gallons Suitable?

    what is the maximum amount of waspfish i can keep in a ten or 15 gallon tank?
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    Gsp Questions

    i know the minimum size for a GSP is 25-30 gallons but would a 29 gallon tank 30"x12"x18" be OK? is the width to small? do they like strong flows? should the flow be high when they r in SW to make it seem like they are in the ocean?
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    Lots Of Questions

    will it be safe to house BBGs with t.micropleis archers? I dont know if thats the correct scientific name but its the archer that lives in 1.005 SG and grows small -_- can orange chromides be kept singly or do they need to be kept in pairs? do they eat plants? would Microphis brachyurus...
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    75 Gallon Brackish Tank-how To Stock?

    i saw cfc's brackish tank in another thread and it looks sweet. i have a 75 gallon tank at the moment and i might consider it for brackish. If I had 4 scats, what else could i have? in cfc's i saw like 4 scats, monos, couple, archers, 3 cats, and a toadfish, so i am thinking since his tank is...
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    Shell Dwellers

    What shell dwelling species are suitable for a 10 gallon tank? Should the tank be aquascaped with rocks and shells or just shells? Do the fish need to be kept in pairs or can I have only one specimen? Does anyone here have any pcis of their shell dwellers tank?
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    75 Gallon Low Light Tank

    Under 40 watts in a 75 gallon aquarium (approx. 0.6 WPG) what floating plants would do well? I am not a fan of small floating plants like duckweed, I am looking for something larger like watersprite. What stem plants would do well under this lighting? I dont know if I used this right, but stem...
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    55 Gallon High End Brackish

    i am going to setup my 55 gallon tank and i want some predatory high-end brackish fish. As a stock list i was thinnking one GSP, one freshwater stone fish, one butis butis, one green wolf eel, and either a ceylon puffer or a stars and stripes puffer. I want heavy planting of vallisneria...
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    What Plants For A Fishless Cube Tank?

    I am planning on getting a small cube tank, smaller than 5 gallons. I want this tank solely for plants, no fish. I want some plants that will grow tall out of the water so I can avoid c02 injection. It will be lit by a desk lamp with a full spectrum bulb, I can get any wattage preferd by the...
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    What Does Spp Mean?

    When talking about scientific names and you see something like Brachygobius spp does the spp mean that it is referring to all Brachygobius species?
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    Need Some Enlightning

    please do not laugh at me. I am aware that carnivores are meat eaters, and I aware that predators hunt down prey. So basically what the difference bewteen the two? according to the definitions wouldnt all carnivores (and omnivores) be considered predatory then?
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    Dumb Question

    as you probably know brackish tanks grow algae like crazy, if I had slow growing plants would they outcompete the algae? ooh, by the way no c02 planned and what is the most lighting for a non c02 tank? (im planning the plant-stock around how much light there will be)
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    What Do You Think?

    Im have been doing my research, and I am soon to make my empty ten gallon a nano with soft corals. I would really hate to purchase a DI/RO system for such a small tank, this Tap Water Filter claims to be DI. Is it safe to use? Dont want to buy RO water from LFS either :P
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    Poll: Please Help Me Decide!

    OK I have a 75 gallon tank and I dont know what to do with it! I would love a FOWLR but the budget doesnt approve it. If you choose other, NO CICHLIDS! I know I mentioned discus, but these are the only cichlids (and maybe angels) that I like.
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    Violet Goby

    Hi havent posted here in a long time.... but i was wondering if vioelt gobies can eat marine snow , it says its for inverts but is also says its for filter feeders so i dont know if its good for violet gobys or not.
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    Uv Sterilizers

    I know theres been a million questions about UV but heres another. Does it eliminate the all the algae or just the "free floating" or whatever. I want to use it in my brackish tank (grows algae like wildfire, like most brackish tanks)
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    Hard Corals

    i plan on my making my 29 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump a reef. (roughly 50 gallons) I want to keep easy corals like mushrooms and softies. Are there any hard corals/polyops there are about as easy to keep as softies/mushrooms?
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    Newb Question

    I know that its highly reccomended for newbs wanting a reef system to have a tank of at least 55 gallons. I plan on mking a 20 gallon sump to my empty 29 gallon tank. The extra water is good for "more room for error" what errors are likely to occur? As a salt newb to only thing that I could see...
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    Starfish For A 29 Gallon Reef?

    Soon ill will start my 29 gallon reef with a 20 gallon sump. Is there any star that stays small enough to easily live in a 29 gallon tank?
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    Reverse Osmosis Units

    What is using RO water supposed to do? And could a DI unit be used instead of a RO unit?
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    Clean Up Crews

    what are the best cleaners for reefs? Is there any rule of thumb for clean up crews? (ie 1 cleaner per 10 gallons) Any other advice on cleaners is appreciated. Thanks