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  1. Bluesand1313

    Fat Female Honey Gourami

    I have one female and two male honey gouramis. I know this because one has become a pair and are constantly "flirting". Recently i noticed that the female is pretty fat. The male is not courting her and theres no bubble nest. I cant tell if its eggs, overeating, or parasites. Shes also...
  2. Bluesand1313

    Help!! White Eyed Female Betta

    Help! I noticed tonight that my female betta has these white spots on her eyes... Everything I looked up said that it was because of bad water quality, but our water quality is fine... any other reason why she might be like this?? She's also more pale than usual, but looks otherwise healthy...
  3. Bluesand1313

    Pregnant Swordtail... I think?

    So, this isn't my first pregnant fish, my first fry, or anything. I've successfully bred guppies and bettas. In fact, this isn't really even my tank. My boyfriend has a 10 gallon community tank, where we've determined he's got one pregnant guppy, and now what LOOKS to be like a pregnant...
  4. Bluesand1313

    Male Red Elephant Ear Plakat Betta

    I have a male elephant ear betta that was given to me as a rescue, but I don't really have room for him. I have his tank with all his supplies, but I've put him in one of my own tanks so his tank is currently empty. He can come with all of it or not, it's up to you. I just want him to go to a...
  5. Bluesand1313

    Cloudy Tank Water

    So my boyfriend's tank is having an issue, and I don't know what it could be. He had a 5.5 gallon and recently moved to a 10 gallon, like not even a week ago. It hasn't stopped being cloudy, and we've tried almost everything we can think of. -He's got sand, so we turned off the bubblers to see...
  6. Bluesand1313

    Betta Flaring At Other Fish - Community Tank

    So before you go all "bettas are supposed to live alone" on me, this fish is pretty special. He's been housed with corys, cream-coloured platy, panda tetras... And he's been 100% fine with them. Never flared, never chased them, would eat along side them like no problem. However, we recently...
  7. Bluesand1313

    Betta Breeding Problem

    Alright, so I followed all the instructions. I've got a 10 gallon tank, about 6 inches with water. Bare bottom. Two live plants, and an area for the female to hide in. Heater at 26-28c and a filter (that is currently off). Male has built a bubble nest from the bubble wrap I put down to help him...
  8. Bluesand1313

    Help! Random Baby!

    I felt really bad for the fish in my mothers tank, she had two neon tetras, two black skirts, and one Cory catfish. So last night I went out and I bought four neon tetras and another Cory catfish for her tank. While I was floating the bags in the tank, I noticed in the neon tank that there was...
  9. Bluesand1313

    New Starter Tanks (Cichlid & Freshwater)

    Hello, i've been here before and i'm not new to fish keeping. I've had a 10gal fish tank for 10 or so years, with no issues. I have had many betta fish (not that they all die, i've had a bunch at one time and eventually they passed on). At one point I had guppies, ottos, and platties (which...
  10. Bluesand1313

    Monster Poop

    one of my black skirts has a ... Well, he has a massive poop coming out of him. Can fish get constipated? He's not looking too good, I think it's effecting him.
  11. Bluesand1313


    Alright, so I'm most likely going to be moving to the uk for school, in about a year and a half. I've got a betta and a bristlenose Pleco that I'll be taking with me, and I have no idea how to move them, as I would give them away but if I did give them they would most likely be dead within a...
  12. Bluesand1313

    Goldfish Help

    I'm certainly not new to fish keeping, but I've never kept goldfish before! Here's the story; I was walking home from going to see Guardian of the Galaxy (which if you haven't seen yet, you totally should because it's amazing and also Chris Pratt.) But anyways, our local pet store is a few...
  13. Bluesand1313

    Advice Forum

    Is this allowed? Is this already up somewhere? If not or if so, please just take it down. So, I always ask for advice. And you guys give really good advice. Sometimes, i'm pretty good at giving advice, too. (Depends on what though). And since I don't want to keep making topics, I thought I would...
  14. Bluesand1313

    I Need Some Guy Advice

    Last time I asked for advice on here, you guys gave me some REALLY good advice that I couldn't find anywhere else. And now I'm hoping you can help me again.   So basically, I've been hooking up with this guy. And I guess it's also a situation i've managed to wiggle myself into as well as some...
  15. Bluesand1313

    Bad News And Good News

    Bad News     A week ago, my gerbil, Pepper, died. She got sick and died. She was already in the range of when gerbils die (two years) but I would have preferred her to live longer. I miss my Little Bear, my shoulder buddy. I miss her a lot. :(               I have to stop posting pictures...
  16. Bluesand1313

    Fed Mosquito Larvae To My Betta

    I have a puppy pool in my backyard for my puppy, and since it hasn't been really warm out I haven't emptied/cleaned it out in a while. My puppy doesn't touch it unless it's cleaned, so it's all good there.   The thing is, the puppy pool now has mosquito larvae in it. I remember reading somewhere...
  17. Bluesand1313

    Young Me In Need Of Advice!

    I'm kind of nervous about posting this but.. Well, here it goes.   I got invited to a party and I'll be the youngest one there. All of them are 17-18 years old and I'm 15 (turning 16 in a month so I don't even count myself as being 15 anymore).   Two things, one being that I've never been to a...
  18. Bluesand1313

    What About Video Games?

    Didn't see a video game topic.    I can't be the only one that plays them, and I know adults play them too, so... what are your video games? :D   I'm currently new in the gaming world but I used to play Sims Which doesn't even count and now I've been playing The Walking Dead and Dragon Age...
  19. Bluesand1313

    Easy-To-Care-For Plants?

    Which are the easiest to care for plants out there? I really want to get some live plants for my bettas tank, the only problem is that I don't know what kinds to get :s   I'm not usually one to get all the fancy stuff for keeping plants alive, so are there any out there that just kinda... keep...
  20. Bluesand1313


    Hi, I read that looking from above, the female will be wider than the male, but are there any other ways to tell?   Thanks