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  1. Skeptical_Mutt

    Cyst on fish

    Hey all, long time no post. Well one of my glofish danios has what looks like an erupted cyst on the side of it. Pretty nasty looking. I put it in a hospital tank and salted it. Is there anything else I can do for my fish?
  2. Skeptical_Mutt

    What kind of loach is this?

    So we did all of our research and decided on golden zebra loaches. We bought 4 initially but lost one, so now we have 3 left. We just bought 2 that are identical to our zebras, but they were under the name yoyo loach. I've read online (including past posts on this website) that sometimes they...
  3. Skeptical_Mutt

    What are some colorful fish?

    So we went and ended up buying a 60g tank recently. We're going to stock it with our current tank (5 GlassFish, 2 platys, and 3 zebra loaches) and add another platy and 2 more zebra loaches once it's cycled. I'm looking for suggestions of brightly colored fish to add to it. I love looking at...
  4. Skeptical_Mutt

    MTS is real

    So MTS is a real disease. I currently have a 35g going and a 20g going, both with fish. We are buying a 55g on Wednesday. Doh! So now we're researching more fish to put into the 55g...
  5. Skeptical_Mutt

    Cory catfish

    Hi all! Me again. We've not had good luck with our cory catfish and I'm wondering if anybody has ever kept them on smooth gravel substrate with any luck? We're considering switching substrate to a smaller round gravel or sandy substrate if that would help. Thanks.
  6. Skeptical_Mutt

    So I did a thing...

    Me again! I did a thing today and bought a 20g tank to replace my 10g tank since none of the fish I wanted could go in a 10g. I know there's a lot of hate towards glofish, but I am going to put a mix of tetras and danios in the tank. I'm so excited as I've wanted glofish ever since we first...
  7. Skeptical_Mutt

    Good tankmates?

    Hello all! It's me again. For my now empty 10 gal I'm thinking of stocking it with a male betta and 6 black neon tetras. I've done some research that says they're compatible and the aq calculator says it's 73% stocked. Do you think this will be okay?
  8. Skeptical_Mutt

    Platy food guarding

    So I have one big green lantern platy we named Ahole(ah-hole-lay) that has been resource guarding the food in the tank and chasing our other two platys around. They're all male, if that makes a difference. Need some advice on how to handle the situation. I've threatened Ahole that he's going to...
  9. Skeptical_Mutt

    Newbie here!

    This is my second post, but I thought I'd introduce myself! I have 2 tanks right now (been in the hobby for roughly a month and already at 2?!?!). The first is a 35 gallon one that has 3 platys (2 bumble bee and a green lantern), 6 painted glass fish (didn't know they were injected cruelly until...
  10. Skeptical_Mutt

    What type of fish is this?

    Hello! My husband and I are new to the fiahkeeping hobby. We have a 35 gallon tank set up right now and we just bought 6 of the most colorful little fish! Only problem is, there wasn't a sign on the tank and the guy at the store said they were glowing tetras, but they don't look like the...