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  1. ClaireG

    Amount of fish

    So my tank has now been up and running for 6 weeks.. I have had 6 Zebra Danios in the tank for just over 2 weeks now and added 2 honey gourami and 3 coreys 5 days ago. All good so far! My tank is 125 litres which is approx 30 gallons in US measurements I think. I’m planning to let it settle now...
  2. ClaireG

    Tank ready to go...?!

    So for the last 3 weeks I have been preparing my tank... tank bought, built stand... water added, plants added, decor added. So I think I may be nearly ready to add the first fish! Any advice or thoughts on what you can see so far?
  3. ClaireG

    Inheriting fish

    So I have a new tank and beginner to all this.. have had such a good response on my initial Hi thread for help. So much useful stuff I have learnt. However reason for this thread is as I have spoken relentlessly about my new tank a friend has said, do you want these fish...? Well I know what...
  4. ClaireG


    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to fish keeping and haven’t even bought my tank yet. It’s something I have wanted to do for years so finally decided to do it. I would like to get a freshwater tropical tank approx 3ft which is the space I have available and I think should be sufficient as a starter...