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  1. Kelp23

    New to Brackish fish.

    Hi, I've kept tropical fish for a while but have just obtained 2 GSP. They were sold to me as a freshwater fish but I've done a bit of research and have found that they do need brackish water as they get older. I have about a million questions but my main ones are.. How do achieve this? How do...
  2. Kelp23

    Cory's are dying

    Hi everyone, I need some advice please. I have a 230l tank and I had 12 Cory's ( 6 pandas/6 Julii). Over the past week they've been dying for no obvious reason. I've done regular parameter checks ( ammonia 0, nitrate 0, nitrate 10, pH 7, Gh10, Kh 8). There are no signs of illness or injury. Tank...
  3. Kelp23

    New fish recommendations

    Hi all, So I've unexpectedly ended up with a spare 240l tank. I'm trying to decide whether to sell it or keep it and get a large single/pair of dish with lots of personality that will interact with us. My water hardness is 10gh, kh8, PH 7. Amy recommendations of what I could keep in here...
  4. Kelp23

    Leaking Tank

    Hi all, I've got an Eheim 240l tank which I think is leaning from the underside. It's fully planted and stocked. What's the best way to deal with this? Thanks
  5. Kelp23

    New tank!

    Hi, so yesterday I decided my 110l tank want big enough and decided to upgrade to 240l. It got delivered last night and I've spent all day setting it up. It still needs to settle a little bit I'm now on the look out for new fish!
  6. Kelp23

    Lobster help!

    Lobster Help! I've woken up this morning to a tank of scattered lobster body parts and a lobster with one arm. One has moulted so I don't know if it's possible that his choose has detached during this process or if the other lobster has gone for him while he was moulting. Are they ok with one...
  7. Kelp23

    Which species of Killi are these?

    My husband chose these Killi's and they are in our community tank. They are very peaceful but I wondered which specifies they are so I can read up on them a bit more. Thanks
  8. Kelp23

    Dwarf puffer- is my tank suitable?

    Hi, I have fully cycled but empty ( apart from pest snails) tank. It's around 35 litres ( 7.5 us gallons) would this be suitable for a dwarf puffer. I've read so much conflicting info about whether they should be kept alone or in groups of 6 minimum I now don't know what to do. Thanks
  9. Kelp23

    White patch on platy

    Hi, one of my male platies 'went missing' for a few days after I transferred him into the new tank. When he reappeared he has a white patch on his head and one on his tail. They haven't got any bigger and he's swimming around happy enough and eating. Does anyone have any ideas what this is? I...
  10. Kelp23

    Non aquatic plant

    Hi, I bought the plant in the picture attached last week from my LFS. I have since been told that it isn't an aquatic plant and that I need to remove it before it rots and affects my water quality. Also, I have a few plants that came in those little mesh pots. Do I need to remove the pots when...
  11. Kelp23

    Blue lobster/crayfish query

    Hi, was wondering if anyone has any experience with these guys? One of mine has disappeared. There are tunnels and hiding places in the tank and I have a fitted lid. Do you know if they tend to hide, perhaps before moulting? Also, they like to snip bits of my Anacharis and strip the leaves and...
  12. Kelp23

    Tetra eggs?

    Last night I noticed one of my neon's looked very plump and was swimming strangely like she/he was doing a little dance. I expected to find a dead neon this morning. However, all neons are back to normal size and swimming around normally. There are however some deposits on the floor of my tank...
  13. Kelp23

    Completed tank

    My tank is complete. 110L ( I think that's around 30US Gallons?) Fine gravel substrate All live plants All measurements were spot on which I was happy with. Ended up getting new fish though so I'm there I now have: 10 neon tetras 5 adult platies + 1 fry who didn't want to be left out 2 dwarf...
  14. Kelp23

    Blue lobster

    Got these today. A pair of blue lobster. One decided to moult in the bag as I was bringing him home which gave me a bit of a shock.
  15. Kelp23

    My new tank

    Setting up my new tank today to accommodate my baby platies. Still need to add more plants and rocks but this is it so far . Suggestions welcome.
  16. Kelp23

    So many questions...

    Hi, I'll apologise up front for this post but I'm so confused So when I bought my original tank it was intended as a goldfsh tank for my daughter so I literally bought a bag of gravel and chucked everything in. As I'm now the owner of this tank and it's full of temperate fish ( not goldfish)...
  17. Kelp23

    Upgrading to new tank

    Hi everyone, as I now have lots of platies (and have literally just found another fry) I've just purchased a new tank. I'm going from a 35L to 110L. I'm just wondering which is the best way to transfer everything and the best way to landscape it. I've got gravel and live plants at the moment...
  18. Kelp23

    Platy fry

    My platy fry are getting big now. Love these little guys but I think my tank is now over populated so I need to either rehome some fish or get a bigger tank
  19. Kelp23

    Tired pig dog

    Hi, this is our pug Peanut. She's just about to turn 10 and has Degenerative Myelopathy so she has a little pink wheelchair. She's been out with us at the park all day today which she loved but she's a tired pup now
  20. Kelp23

    My fry. Approx 6 weeks old

    Here are some (poor quality) pics of two of my platy fry. I've 6 in total and all totally different colours.