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    Black Spot? OB Peacock...

    Just a couple o pics of one of my male that is starting to color up....I will have fry from him in a week! :hyper:
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    Bongo, named by Whiskerz (of course)

    Also got an OK pic of him and thought I would share....Tara named him for me. :)
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    Got a new pic of him, thought I would share. :hyper:
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    Some of my platies.

    So cute they are! :D
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    Just thought I would post a pic of this guy....I have 2 and I love them to death. :wub:
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    Here are a couple of pics of my festivum that I have living with my africans in the 180.
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    Baby Cichlids.

    Baby Ps. Polit. :D Baby Ps. Demasoni. :D Baby Ps. Msobo. :D Baby Ps. Mpanga and Msobo. :D Polit, Mpanga and Msobo. :wub: Thanks for looking. ;)
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    Check this story out...

    What a catch! :o Sturgeon
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    A few fish pictures....

    Electric Yellow male... Mr. Polit, himself... Msobo female... Grumpy Maingano... A loach... Another loach.... A REALLY fat loach.... An out of focus loach... My REALLY BIG Kyle... One of my absolutely gorgeous hybrid females... A Demasoni... My one and only...
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    The fish we caught today....

    Well, we went fishin' today, and this is what we caught.....5 northern pike, AKA, "freshwater shark". :D They's cookin' right now! :D
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    Fish Smuggler

    My cousin sent me this clipping from a newspaper in Calgary....made me laugh. :lol:
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    Okay----I am posting a pic of something...

    Here is the pic....but what I really want you to check out is this video.....these things are so freakin' awesome!!! I want one SOOOO bad! :hyper: OoOoO....nice candle.... :rolleyes:
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    Stripped an electric blue....

    So, my cousin, "slinky" who is a member here too, needed some more fish, so I offered to strip some of my fish to populate one of his I stripped one of the blues, I ended up getting 6 albinos!!! :o I don't think albino sciaenochromis fryeri are all that a matter of...
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    Just a pic.

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    Haven't been posting much lately and barely have any tanks anymore....but I am getting this one ready for a batch of msobo fry...and thought I would post a pic of it while there are still no fish in it. :P Well, there is an albino sailfin and a marbled sailfin in it, had to pull all of the...
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    Found this guy in the weirdest place...

    Well, today I decided to clean out the 180g, pulled all the rocks again and whatever, also part of the plan was to strip some of the mbuna females to stock my 45 gallon... :nod: ...anyway, enough of that. The point is, anyone who knows anything about breeding synodontis multipunctatus knows...
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    something to look at

    Took this pic for mwm to use for something and thought I would share...
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    Here is my 7....probably the most amount of money that could be packed into a 7 gallon tank w/o being saltwater. :rolleyes: Houses a female cambodian betta, 1 petricola and 2 L-128's. :wub:
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    "Pseudotropheus Demasoni" Spawning...

    These guys were a little less shy.....right out in the open... :blink: These are my own babies that I kept from previous spawns before I moved......guess no one told them they are brothers and sisters.... -_- :rolleyes: tsk tsk tsk....
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    "Cynotilapia Afra Cobue" Spawning Pictures.

    Probably one of my most colorful fish....and apparently worth a pretty penny. -_- I should really consider breeding these guys, considering how prolific mine have been recently.... :hey: I hope you enjoy my fishy porno... :P First off, here is the big boy himself...they are actually pretty...