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  1. Sashimi

    My tanks are exploding!

    I never intended to breed these Lil fishies of mine, but apparently they have plans of their own! My Mollies were rabbits in another life Dalmation Mollie just had like 50! The gravel in this tank is black so it was a couple days before I realized my gravel was moving!😳 and 2 of...
  2. Sashimi

    My pup, Smidge

    I got Smidge in January, he was 3 months old and a whopping 5 lbs. He is a Shipoo, which is a shitzu and min. Poodle mix. They said he would max out at 10lbs. Approx. But he is already about 15lbs lol He is really smart and seems to understand everything I say! Like, The other morning after I...
  3. Sashimi

    I would like to introduce myself!

    Hi everyone! Imma Bay Area gal, lived here all my life. A little backstory, my mom had a stroke 2 and a half years ago (she is 90 and has dementia) so one of the things I have been doing for mental health is I got back into my fish! I do the night shift with her...12 to 14 hr shifts, 7 days a...