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    bulkhead for diy yeast co2

    hi all I no I dont post very often but i am always lurking :whistle: anyway i am trying to set up my diy yeast co2 system again but cant find a bulkhead or brass niple for the bottle cap so that i can put the airline on as per this article link they give a link to get it here but i live in the...
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    tetra's new "sharkstale" tank

    we just got 20 delivered at work an i thought id way up the pros and cons pro's :D the tank is 60x30x30 so is not to small unlike the nemo tanks it comes with a florecent strip light an internal filter and heater and for only £69.99 that quite a good priced tank for people like me who are not...
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    i cant wait till recieve them i have got a spare 2ft tank i am going to set up as a brackish tank to plant this in. does any have any info on growing these or any websites that may help heres what i won - :cool:
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    Im back!!!

    hey everyone im back I am now on tank no.7 . does anyone live in north london because i now work in the mill hill branch of maidenhead aquatics
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    what can i keep

    what can i keep in a small hard alkaline tank
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    my fav fish

    sorry about the photo quality its rubish will try again its a flag tailed something or other forget the name
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    new tank - juwel 60

    i have just got a new tank and don't know what fish to keep. thinkin of a comunity tank but may try something new in the form of south or central american cichlids
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    shock horror

    i was tv the other morning when i saw a tank with dyed fish on channal 4's rise in the mornings. i know dying still goes on i thought the tv program should have more sense
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    new fish

    i am thinking of getting new fish at the moment i have: flag tailed prochilodus (semaprochilous theraponura) 20 cardinal tetra 1 angel a pair of cribs a clown loach 2 kuli loaches 1 red tail black shark 1 golden gourami lots of sword tails 2 kissing gourami i will probably get rid of the swords...
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    im back

    i have new fish a band :band: of 5 serpae tetra not sure about spelling and some new dwarf cichlids kribs
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    :fish: i am looking for dwarf cichlids for my comunity tank are american flag fish any good :fish:
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    tiny tank

    i have curently obtained a tiny tank (380x265x460mm) what fish could i put in it or shall i give up and use it as breeding tank
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    small catfish

    are there any small catfish fo a comunity tank that are not corys
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    what fish

    what does everyone keep in there tanks? i have: 1 black tailed red shark 1 clown loach 2 kuli loach lots of swordtails 17 cardinal tera 1 angel 1 flag tailed prochilodus (semaprochilous theraponura) 1 golden gourami 2 kissing gourami
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    big bro

    when i first started i had 2 clown loaches and red tailed black shark. after one cown loach died my second latched on to the shark :S . 3 years later there still best buds(and are very healthy. at first i was concerned because the clown loaches was ment to be kept with others but he seems...
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    is there a website for buy tropical fish online with pics if so whats the add :unsure: ress
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    hi all

    :D hi all just logged on :)