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    One of my Silver Dollar PLANTED tanks (Metynnis spp- 3 species)

    As in the title, this tank has been going on for several years. The fish are Metynnis maculatus (2 male, 1 female), M. altidorsalis (1 male), M. lippincotianus (2 males, 1 female), plus one female Metynnis I have not decided what to call. Plants are Cryptocoryne usteriana, C. wendtii, Hygrophila...
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    New here, not to Forums of Aquaria

    Hi, New here. I have participated in other Forums for years and have kept fish for most the of the last 6 decades. I am active in 3 other fishy communities. Although part of my formal training is in Marine Biology, my home aquaria have always been freshwater. Currently keep 6 tanks, 125g, 110b...