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    How to check calcium in freshwater tanks

    I'm reading a lot of mixed reviews on calcium tests that can/cannot be used in freshwater tanks. I have 4 ghost shrimps. I want to make sure that they have enough calcium but read it can be just as bad to put too much in there... I don't want to put egg shells or cuttlebone in for them to eat if...
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    Pre-filter too loose

    I got a new betta for my tank yesterday. Poor guy struggles by the intake valve. He's learning to avoid it but I don't want him to avoid any areas of the tank. I have a coarse sponge pre-filter on there already. I was discussing my issue on a betta discord and they suggested trying a finer foam...
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    ADF and occasional missed feeding days

    I'm going to be getting 2 African Dwarf frogs soon. I have a fully cycled 10 gallon with lots of hideaways (and one last one coming), silk plants, one baby crypto in a planter, and duckweed starting to grow. I plan on getting 4 ghost shrimp and 1 betta. (Don't worry. I have a backup plan in case...
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    What is going on?

    Twice now I have gone 2-3 days while cycling my 10 gallon. When I left it the ammonia was at 1 ppm and nitrite .5 ppm. When I came back nitrite was still .5 ppm but ammonia was 0. What do I do to get the nitrite down too? I'm awaiting a package of duckweek which I had hoped would come while I...
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    0 Ammonia .5 PPM Nitrite

    I'm cycling a 10 gallon tank. I've been staying mostly with my parents for a couple of reasons but keep coming back to my apartment as frequently as possible to check on my betta in my cycled tank and the water parameters in the cycling tank. It chose a VERY bad time to start finally really...
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    Really bad situation

    I am cycling a 10-gallon at my apartment. It's pretty close to being done, I think. Maybe another week? But I have a major problem. I'm in a duplex-like living situation only there are 4 units for HUD housing. My next-door neighbor just started to use something REALLY strong smelling (body wash...
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    Ammonia will NOT go down!

    I started my tank at 1 ppm ammonia. (not heavy stocking at all). About a week later, it went down to .5 ppm and nitrites were up to the first level above 0 (I don't remember how it's broken down). I got over excited and added more ammonia, bringing it to 1 ppm again. That was 2 1/2 weeks ago...
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    Betta throwing up 5-6 pieces of food at once?

    Noah is a problem child with eating as he is a dragon. Totally blind on left,, getting much worse in right. What he used to get sails right by him now.. so it took about 10 minutes to get 5 or 6 pieces in him (small ones, soaked in water, and he easily usually eats this much at time). Suddenly...
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    How to feed frozen brine shrimp to a nearly-blind betta

    I think frozen shrimp is the kind I got. It's definitely the brand. It has fish oil too. I have a dragon betta (I didn't know anything about them when I got the poor fella) who is going blind. Totally gone in the left eye, and has considerably lost vision in the right eye in the last month or...
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    Weird material in new, cycling tank

    I am cycling a 10 gallon tank. Brand new gravel. Seriously cleaned tank. (Bought used, used vinegar then bleach spray and rinsed the heck out of it. So clean. I added the tetra quick start (I think... whatever everyone here has suggested). It got very cloudy 12 hours in but cleared up...
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    Safe paint for aquarium decor?

    I'm going to use a terra cotta planter for a plant in my tank but the orange just REALLY doesn't go and I don't want to use what someone suggested and just glue gravel to it to make it blend in. I know I read SOMEWHERE (not sure if here or elsewhere online but not quickly finding it) that there...
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    Size terra-cotta pot for cryptocoryne lutea?

    I want to keep my cryptocoryne lutea I will be ordering in a terracotta pot. 4"? 6"? Help appreciated!
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    Best fertilizer tabs for cryptos?

    I was gifted a tiny little crypto which I put in my mom's stupid little 1.5 gallon tank with her betta until my second tank cycled. (I told her it wouldn't work. She wouldn't listen. Got the betta and tiny tank. Took six months before she admitted it wasn't working. I had to scramble to put...
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    Betta going blind... soak food in garlic juice or not?

    (I posted to the betta portion but getting no response. Thought I'd also post here. I hope I'm not breaching any rules) I have heard from many sources that soaking betta pellets in garlic juice helps them find the food. I was going to start today training him to go to a feeding loop by using the...
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    Rose Sword Plant planter

    I'm looking to get a rose sword plant for my 10 gallon. I don't have fertilizer or soil or anything like that on the bottom. What is the smallest in-tank planter I can use to keep the growth to a minimum but still be safe for the plant?
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    Not sure if in right place for this..

    I'm wanting to get a rose sword plant for my 10 gallon when it's done cycling. I'm having trouble find the answer to if gravel is acceptable substrate and if it can be grown in a pot in the aquarium so it doesn't spread. Any help is greatly appreciated! Rose sword plant,
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    One shrimp w/ betta in 5 gallon?

    I've got a dragon betta in a 5 gallon who misses some food. (I feed piece by piece but some fall and I can't find it). I of course do water changes but I was wondering if I could get away with a single shrimp in there as well to help clean up that missed food. I don't really know if shrimp are...
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    Question about how much Ammonia is needed

    When I was cycling my 5 gallon for just a single betta, at least 2 people suggested an ammonia dose equalling only 1 ppm. I am currently about to start cycling a 10 gallon (I'm putting it together today! Yay! Some decor will need to be changed as what I'd hoped to use just isn't appropriate for...
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    Help! Hardwater build up on used HOB filter

    Can you submerge a HOB filter? The one that my new/used tank came with is disgusting. It was on the lid too. I soaked that in a vinegar solution and still had to use steel wool for the worst of it and then a dental tool (My dad used to make crowns, bridges, etc. for a living so we have a bunch...
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    Aquatech 5-15 filter... any good?

    I found a used 10 gallon fish tank with an aquatech 5-15 filter. Good enough for an10 gallon? They have Marineland penguin cartridges which threw me off at first. But the very dusty image of the filter is the aquatech 5-15. Filter new The tank is for a betta and maybe an African dwarf frog. Not...