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  1. mezrie

    Aggressive amano shrimp

    Hi all, I have kept shrimp for years now and have just come across some very aggressive behaviour from my amanos. I recently added some lampeyes to the set up and it appears that one or two of the shrimp have been predating them. I've not seen this before, and did inquire with the shop before...
  2. mezrie

    NT Labs Swimbladder treatment - warning

    Good (or not so good in my case) morning all, I had a poorly red flame tetra, there was something wrong with his swim bladder. Ignoring my instincts, I treated the tank with NT Labs Swimbladder treatment yesterday and this morning 7 out of 10 of my wonderful fish had died. I feel awful. It was...
  3. mezrie

    When a fish is poorly and won’t get better

    Good afternoon, I currently have a tetra that is poorly, can’t swim too well now as he appears to have a bit of a curve in his spine. Breathing gets very rapid when stressed and trying to swim in the open tank. I have isolated him in a small see through box that sticks on to the side of the...
  4. mezrie

    Anything More I Can Do?

    Hello friends, I just wondered if any of you have had experience with old fish. I have a moonlight gourami who must be about five now and for the last two weeks he's been pretty up and down. I've found him on the bottom of the tank quite regularly unable to swim, I noticed he had a torn fin so...
  5. mezrie

    Scales Going Black

    For a while now one my killifishs tail has been turning black. It's doesn't look good but she is fine, swimming fine, eating fine. I've checked tank water and thats fine too. It may be due to stress as the male killi is always very randy and takes it out on the girls. I think i may have to...
  6. mezrie

    Fish To Join My Big Tank

    I am currently wanting to put a shoal of tetras in my big tank and am looking to do this at the weekend. My question is do any of you have killifish that are in the same tank as some tetras. I've read there is a risk of the killifish eating small fish and would not want this to happen. I've put...
  7. mezrie

    Swim Bladder

    My younger Golden Wonder killifish is sinking at her tail end. I have fed peas but this hasn't helped with any impaction that may have occured. What now? I have been treating my big tank with esha but no difference. I'm not sure what i thought it would do really. I do have some swim bladder...
  8. mezrie

    Indian Gourami

    Hello there, i'm just writing to ask if there is anything i can do for my Tony. He's been acting rather knackered lately and just generally worn out. Recently his eye has become cloudy of which i've been treating but it hasn't fully cleared. He's at least two years old now. I've sectioned him...
  9. mezrie

    Pop Eye Gone Bad :(

    I wonder if anyone can advise me on anything i can possibly do to help my fish. My golden panchax has had a dodgy eye for about a month now, she has been herself during this period with no lack of appetite or anything. I have been treating it with melafix but this doesn't seem to have helped...
  10. mezrie

    Pop Eye

    I posted a few weeks ago now about my golden wonder panchax having a huge eye. I've been doing regular water changes so the water is clean and also medicating the tank with melafix. I'm pretty sure that the eye is not used anymore since it's moved with the bulge behind it. She is still the same...
  11. mezrie

    Just Found A Load Of Eggs On The Side Of My Tank!

    I'm pretty sure it's my killifishes but i've never seen this before!
  12. mezrie

    Trapped And Now Dying

    Please help if possible, i'm pretty sure there's nothing i can do but if there is anything i want to do it. I noticed at lunchtime that there were only four of my five hatchett fish swimming around and after much looking for him i found him wedged in a hole in the ornamental castle :( I pulled...
  13. mezrie

    Pop Eye

    Hello all, i am writing about my golden panchax. Last weekend she showed signs of pop eye, this weekend no sign of improvement, it has grown some what and looks like a large bubble of water covering the eye. It is only the one eye affected. She still has a healthy appetite at the moment. If...
  14. mezrie

    Leave Him On His Own?

    As you may or may not know i have spent lots of pennies and have purchased a seperate tank for my rainbow shark as he was bullying the other fish in the other tank. Since he has been in this new one i have rarely seen him. He is forever in his beloved castle, the whole of the tank is being...
  15. mezrie

    What To Do?

    I am aquarium shopping on Friday for Seb, my rainbow shark. I just need some advice from people with an idea of what to do! I'm looking for more a lengthy tank for him than anything, the only ones i can see are clearseal tanks, should i get one of these and have no lid, buy a filter and some...
  16. mezrie

    Stock For My 96 Litre

    Ok well i was going to get some of these dudey hatchet fish but i couldn't find any anywhere in Lincoln:o( Does anyone know of any place that has them near by? Is there any other fish you could recommend that would go nicely in my tank with my other fish? I like the look of glass catfish but...
  17. mezrie

    Hatchet Fish

    In my 96 litre tank i have 1 Moonlight Gourami 1 Indian Gourami 4 Yellow Panchax 8 corys It looks rather empty, would it be acceptable to put hatchet fish in? If not them then would you have any ideas? thanks for your help everyone x
  18. mezrie

    My Rainbow Shark

    My Rainbow shark is getting ever more grumpy and aggressive where i am now at the stage i am considering getting yet another tank for him in order to save anymore grief for the other fish. Can anyone suggest an adequate size if i was to do this for him? There is the option of giving him away but...
  19. mezrie

    Panchax Pals?

    I had a tank all ready and waiting for a betta that i was going to get at the weekend, however, when i went home at lunchtime i caught my rainbow shark severly bullying my eldest golden panchax :o( I straight away moved lovely panchax to this empty tank to de-stress and added some meds as it...
  20. mezrie

    Preparing To Keep Another Betta Hope the link works but if not its item number 170108003402 on eBay. This is basically the tank i have (except mine is purple). Is this ok for a betta? The filter works so the water trickles in a horizontal line across the top of the...