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  1. Tonyb111111

    New Tanganyikan Tank - Stock Suggestions

    In March I will be moving away from my tropical set up and would like to start a Tanganyikan set up.  So my first question is whether my hardware is up to the job.  Curently I have got a 200L tank with approx 1750 lph internal filtration and a Koralia 1 for additional water movement, though I...
  2. Tonyb111111

    Waht Is The Best Way To Keep Filter Media Alive When Out Of Tank

    Hi guys,  I am moving house next month and been as I have to empty the tank I am taking the opportunity to change my current set up to a Tanganyikan set up.  This is the plan   1. Remove all current stock and sell to local fish store 2. Drain and remove all substrate, plants, wood etc etc 3...
  3. Tonyb111111

    Bamboo Shrimp Playing Dead

    Need some help here, my bamboo shrimp has been playing dead for a three days now, literally belly up with legs in the air. I was sure he was a goner but he still alive and I showing no external signs of anything untowards. Figured it would be best to leave him where he is and keep a careful...
  4. Tonyb111111

    What Are The Rocks That Amano Uses

    Hi all, long time since I posted but I want to scape my tiny 20 litre tank and wanted to know what the silvery grey rocks are commonly used in Iwagumi set ups, and where to get them from. Help would be appreciated
  5. Tonyb111111

    Effect Of Temporarily Stopping Easycarbo

    We are off on holiday for two weeks and have may elderly monster in law looking after the house while we are away. Got all the food pre-measured into a pill dispenser so that should be a safe bet. I do not however trust her to measure out 5ml of Easycarbo on a daily basis, so the question is...
  6. Tonyb111111

    Help Needed But Not Yet An Emergency

    One of my neon tetras does not look to well. He is slightly bloated in the belly, but not to the extent that scales are sticking out. The main way I can describe it is to say that he is continuously swimming head down at a 45degree angle as if he is full of air and will quickly float if he...
  7. Tonyb111111

    Possible To Never Substrate Vac?

    Just curious really as to other peoples experience. Before rescaping my tank, i used to vac my sand substrate about every 4 - 5 days, firstly because it was unsightly on light coloured sand, and secondly to remove waste, obviously. Since rescaping, i dont seem to get much waste at all on the...
  8. Tonyb111111

    What Do Feed My Dwarf Gourami Fry

    Hi all, my DG fry are now 11 days old and I have been feeding infusoria. I believe they should be moving to baby brine shrimp now but I am not too sure on how you get these. I would rather buy, than raise the shrimp. Any ideas.
  9. Tonyb111111

    Should Filter Be On Or Off

    As you may know, I have managed to get some dwarf gourami fry to hatch and they are currently in a 25 litre tank on their own. My question is should I leave the filter on as it tends to blow the fry around the tank or would it be safe to turn off as the fry have such a small bioload. There is...
  10. Tonyb111111

    This Time I'm Ready

    My dwarf gouramis have yet again been doing the nasty, but this time I'm ready. Previous spawning has resulted in fish death due to the male protecting his bubble nest from the danios when the lights go out. This time, fry tank ready to go I am sitting and waiting for them to finish their...
  11. Tonyb111111

    How Many Practice Runs Will My Gbrs Go Through

    Well, after rescaping my tank on Sunday and been slightly concerned that rams wouldn't like it, they have gone and laid eggs again. My question is this is about the 7th time they have spawned, but never got to fry stage. Is this just a case of a new pair gaining experience, or something in...
  12. Tonyb111111

    Stocking Advise Needed

    I think this may be a case of wanting my cake and eating it, but i would really like to get at least 12 rummy nose tetras in my setup and have multiple questions. Tank stats are in my signature 1. I currently have 1750 lph of internal filtration in my 200 litre tank so i do not think the...
  13. Tonyb111111

    No One Said How Much Hard Work It Is

    Today I have spent 7 hrs rescaping my 200 litre community tank, and I am now knackered. Removed two very big pieces of bogwood, removed some plants and relocated others, gave my substrate a good going over, glass cleaned, redmoor wood added after moss, anubias and coffeefolia were attached...
  14. Tonyb111111

    Bogwood For Sale - Grantham

    Hi all, got the following for sale Bogwood: 2 large pieces Age and condition: Been in tank for 4 months, no diseases/parasites etc Quantity for sale: Two Reason for Sale: Rescaping with new wood Delivery or Collection: preferably pickup, but am happy to deliver if buyer organises Sales price...
  15. Tonyb111111

    Can You Identify My Corys

    Can you help me identify my corys, I think they are Melanistius, paleatus (long fin) & agazizii but need some confirmation. Also notice the red areas around the gills and head, is this normal as all water stats are spot on at 0,0,10
  16. Tonyb111111

    Army Vs Navy Rugby - Sober Yet?

    Did anyone go today and are still sober enough to reply
  17. Tonyb111111

    Is This Too Much

    Hi all, I have just put a fluval U4 in my 200 litre tank in addition to a aquael unifilter 750, and a koralia 1600. This gives me a combined flow of 3350 lph, of which 1750 lph is filtered. Is this too much? I'm keeping an eye on the fish, but at the moment everything looks ok. Advice please.
  18. Tonyb111111

    Old Rock Wool - Potential Toxin

    I was having a fairly good clean of the tank today and turning over the substrate quite deep, when I I unearthed some old rock wool from previous plants that have died. I notice that the sand is black around the wool and it can be you can smell it emanating from the waters surface, which is...
  19. Tonyb111111

    Is It Ok To Rinse Water In Dechlor Water

    I can't see why it wouldn't be fine but i want to make sure it's ok to fill my sink with dechorinated water and rinse my filter in it. I won't de doing a water change for a few days so i don't want to use tank water EDIT: lol that should say filter in the title
  20. Tonyb111111

    Need Help: One Ebr Dead, Other Looking Bad

    Need some help. 8 days ago i bought a pair of Electric Blue Rams which I kept an observant eye on as i believe they can be quite sensitive. All was well until the lights came on today and my wife found the female dead on the bottom. As soon as i got home from work, the water was tested and all...