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    New fish

    Mdoka White Lips breeding group.
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    Still leaking?

    I just bought new gaskets for this canister filter. It’s still leaking. Any ideas what it could be?
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    New build

    Check out the new aquarium being set up. Can anyone guess what’s going in there?
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    Can’t seem to get him healthy.

    I have a male betta who dosnt want to get healthy. I’ve done salt, Pimafix, ick cure blue, daily water changes. Took out everything from the aquarium and nothing works. What do you guys suggest. And what is it exactly?
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    Something out of the ordinary in my tank.

    Hello so I was looking around my tank and saw this by the filter. I’m hoping they’re angelfish eggs since that’s the only thing that would make sense. Maybe snail eggs? It’s stocked with a Tiger Moray Guppy 2 Angelfish 5 snails all eaten by the moray. Any ideas of what it could be?
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    Crossbreeding Platys

    I have a tank of Red Wag, Twin Bar and one Sunshine Platy. Has anyone ever cross bred those and if something comes out new who do I talk to if it’s a new color?
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    Diameter of a Tiger Moray Eel

    I’ve had my Tiger Moray Eel for several months now and he’s fed with tongs. He eats thawed shrimp. I was just curious about their diameter. I know they can get about 3ft long but what about their diameter? Does anyone know? Here’s some pictures of him as well. His name is Lemmy.
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    I can’t get rid of this white ball.

    So I have an angelfish with what looks like to be fungus on its left fin. I dosed the tank with pimafix and super ick cure. Then I did two separate salt dips with 5 gallons of their tank water with 4 tablespoons of kosher salt. Can anyone diagnose this and have any other suggestions to cure it.
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    I found these on my driftwood and was wondering if they are eggs. I don’t know what could of laid them other then my snail. Unless the Otto or featherfin catfish laid them but there is no mate for them to have been in a breeding mode. I highly doubt my betta did this.
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    My 10gal Blackwater tank

    Some photos of what I have in my 10gal tank.
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    My 55gal tank

    Here’s some pictures of my 55 gal setup.
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    New Freshwater Tiger Moray Eel.

    Got him yesterday. He’s such a badass.
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    Overload Reptiles saying what’s up.

    Hello I’m a reptile and fish breeder just saying hi to everyone. Check out my Instagram page and feel free to send me a message.