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  1. Clarousel

    Tiny Moving White Dots On Glass

    Hi all, when I turned on the light of my tank today I noticed many tiny white spots on my glass in clusters and they're moving. They're so tiny I have to look very closely to notice. Does anyone have any idea what they may be? They're slightly long-ish with a max of 1mm. I hope they're not...
  2. Clarousel

    Algae Issues And Salt

    Hi all, I've recently been using salt to treat my betta for fin rot (7.5 tspn in 5 gal tank). I have a small amazon sword, java fern and bacopa monnieri in my tank. Does the salt kill them? I've noticed more brown algae forming at the edges of the gravel and on the sword and bacopa monnieri...
  3. Clarousel

    Betta Fin Has Split

    Hi all, I recently got a betta in my 5gal tank. It has live plants and a coconut shell. No other fish that may harm him. I noticed his fin had a slit somewhere in the middle a few days ago and today I realised his fin has split into 2! :crazy: Could it be the coconut shell that tore his fin...
  4. Clarousel

    Trimming Advice

    Hi all, I have a bacopa monnieri in my tank. When the leaves begin to die I know I have to remove them but how do I do it without almost uprooting the stalk? Sometimes they're in hard to reach areas as well. Do I always have to remove them to trim off dead leaves?
  5. Clarousel

    Filter Media For Small Filters

    My current filter has small ceramic chips for bio filtration and filter sponge for mechanical filtration. It originally came with a cartridge but I couldn't find new ones anywhere to replace it. I question the reliability of my filter so I've been thinking of getting a new filter like the...
  6. Clarousel

    New To Bettas

    Hi all, I've been thinking of getting a betta. Will it be okay to have one with harlequin rasboras? If yes, what can I feed them? :X I believe bettas only eat betta pellets?
  7. Clarousel

    Eyeglass Case

    Hi all! I have a vintage eyeglass case which is still in good condition except for the fact that the material on the outside is peeling off. I don't want to throw it away since it still works. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for making a new outer layer? :/
  8. Clarousel

    Platy Has Dropsy

    Hi all, I posted some time back about my platy being stressed at the bottom. She was becoming more active although still hiding. Today i noticed she looks fatter and upon closer inspection, her scales are sticking out a little. She's still eating and swimming around. Is there anything I can do...
  9. Clarousel

    Fish And Tadpoles?

    Hi all, I found 3 tadpoles today and I'm wondering if I can keep them in my tank along with my platy. I originally wanted them in a separate tank but it's cracked and leaking :(
  10. Clarousel

    Platy Help

    Hi guys, my platy's not well and I can't figure out why. There was ich in the tank at first and she was flecking occasionally but now she isn't flecking but tries to scratch the top of her head once in a while. Today I noticed the left side of her head looks odd as though stuff has come off...
  11. Clarousel

    Is It Possible To Determine The Age Of A Fry?

    Hi everyone, I had a pleasant surprise cleaning my tank today cause I found 2 platy fry. I had no idea that my platy was preggers. She was a little big a while back but nothing happened so I just passed it off as her being fat. Is it possible to guess how old the fry are? They're free...
  12. Clarousel

    Your Preferred Way To Celebrating Your Birthday

    It's a special year and you want to have a blast. What would you do :D
  13. Clarousel

    How Do You Add/move Your Plants?

    Would like to know your opinion on this!
  14. Clarousel

    Plant Suggestions

    I finally got a light for my tank! :- I'm so excited about having new plants but I'm not sure what I should get. I'm clueless when it comes to plants. My tank is 5 gallons, 40x19x25. Currently have 1 java fern on wood, 1 windelov on a coconut shell and 1 stem plant I still can't identify (may...
  15. Clarousel

    Cherry Barbs And Ich

    Hi guys I've been having this problem for a really long time and I just can't solve it. My first stocking was 3 cherry barbs in my 5G. The tank was cycled and going well for 2 months (after cycling). Then I stupidly introduced ich with a plant from my dad's tank. That killed off all my cherry...
  16. Clarousel

    Light Advice

    Hi all! So I've been wanting to get some sort of lighting for my tank so I can have more variety of plants. My tank is 5 gallons, currently on my desk under a window that doesn't receive much sunlight. I know people always relate tank + window = excessive light but not in my case. It isn't...
  17. Clarousel

    Should I Strip Down My Tank?

    Hi all, I've been trying to get rid of ich for almost 2+ weeks now. My platy started with a tiny white spot on her tail fin which faded over a few days (with heat and meds). Another spot appeared after a week when I thought it was starting to get better. She hasn't been flecking all this while...
  18. Clarousel

    Do Fish Have Scar Tissue?

    Hi guys, I'm wrapping up my 1 week of heat + meds for white spot today. My platy's single white spot on the tail fin has faded from the first time I saw it. It's still there but smaller and translucent-ish. Could this be scar tissue (if there is actually such a thing for fish) or remains of...
  19. Clarousel

    What Is Your Best/preferred White Spot Treatment?

    I thought I'd just ask since there's so many opinions on ich treatment on the internet! My platy has white spot again although I had the heat on for 10 days. Maybe it wasn't enough? I'm considering using meds this time round but I'm very hesitant! Therefore I'd like to know what you guys think...
  20. Clarousel

    Stressed Platy

    Hi guys, I've had my 2 platys for quite some time now and they've been healthy all this while. They had whitespot around 2 weeks ago and I'm finishing up my heat treatment today. Noticed one of them lying on the bottom this morning and I can't figure out why. Ammonia - around 0 Nitrites - 0...