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    Anyone keep elephant nose fish?

    I'm currently breaking down my discus set up but I have 3 elephant nose in there that I have had for 9 months. I'm thinking of planting the tank a bit more and adding a few more elephant nose. Has anyone got a group of these and what else do you have with them? I also have in the tank aan...
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    Anyone keep elephant nose?

    I have 3 now that I have had for a couple of months or so. Great fish I can't believe I've not had a tank for them before. They are in my discus tank and seem to be doing well feasting on the beefheart and brine shrimp I feed. I want to add a couple more but not sure if they accept new tankmates...
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    My 300L Discus Tank

    I had an Aquareef 300 marine tank that I shut down in August after it had been up and running for a couple of years. It used to look like this.   I sold most of the equipment but kept the LED lights iluminaire 900's. The sump I filled with sponges and pan scrubbers.   I tried to clean the tank...
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    My Current Discus Tank

      simonasActive Member Joined: Jul 9, 2015 Messages: 132 Likes Received: 30 Gender: Male Location: Wirral Country:  United Kingdom I'd just fed brine and mysis shrimp so the tank was full of bits                      
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    My Old Oddballs

    I used to keep loads of oddball fish when I had the tank space. Just looking through old pics and thought I would share these pics   My giraffe cat and Ornate Bichir both lovely fish. The cat had so much character     Endelecheri Bichir another stunning oddball   Delhezi Bichir   Can't...
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    Old Pics Of Old Plecs

    I've always loved plecs and have some now. Just looking through old bad pics and reaslising I have had some good plecs in the past   L128 Vampire plec       My favourite ever L25     l264 I'd love another   L114 another favourite stunning when full grown   ara plec   Golden Nugget...
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    My Old Channas

    I once went through a big phase of keeping channa/ snakeheads in various tanks. Quite a few people on this forum kept them and the seemed more widely available than now. One day I'll keep them again   My Channa Orientalis I got 4 as babies and ended up with a breeding pair which stupidly I sold...
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    Old Albino Oscars

    Had these about 7 years ago but stunning fish and looking through old pics jas made me yearn for more like this   
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    My Old Uaru Pair

    Just looking through old pics on photobucket and came across this gorgeous pair of Uarus. Wish I still had them    
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    My Old Brackish Fish

    Just looking through photibucket and found old pics of my brackish fish. Used to keep them many years ago and havent seen many for sale since. Apologies for the poor picture quality.   Dragon Gobies - one of my favourite ever set ups they were ace. Had a green spotted puffer in same tank I...
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    My Vallis And Swords Wont Grow?

    I'm back with freshwater again,never had a problem with vallis and swords before but in this set up the giant vallis and swords have just disapeared. The vallis just ends up as strands in the surface and the swords become see through.   Coyuld I be over lighting as I am using my old marine LEDs
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    Marine Leds In Fresh Planted Tank?

    I converted my Aquareef 300 into a freshwater tank last year from a reef. It is a tank designed for marine really. I have TMC iLuminaire 900 LEDs which were great on my marines but not sure how suitable for freshwater and plants.   I bought giant vallis, vallis, swords when I set the tank up in...
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    Caecilian/rubber Eels Wanted

    Kept one of these years ago and would love another. I've not seen these around for years . Does anyone know of any for sale in the country?   Thanks   Simon
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    Just Been To Pier.... New Plecs :)

    Just been to Pier in Wigan. For anyone who has not been it is definately the est shop I have been and an aladdins cave for anyone who likes plecs and oddballs.   I came home with an L24, L14 and L200. I wanted an L25  but the cheapest they had was £100 for a decent sized one.   Pics to follow
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    How Can You Tell If You Have Real Altum Angels?

    I bought 4 angelfish sold as Altum Angels . When I first saw them I though they were from my limited knowledge altums and the lad in the store who was selling them from his own collection of fish as he had got a pair said he bought them as Altums.   How do you tell/? I'll try and work out how to...
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    Firemouths And Cardinals

    I have 17 cardinals and was thinking about getting two 2-3 inch firemouths. I've kept them many times in the past but with bigger fish. What are they like with small tetras
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    L25 Or L24- Still Available?

    Are the above two plecs still available to buy? Been a few years since I kept fresh but I recall them appearing again in small sizes just as I was leaving freshwater fish.   I'd love another when I set up again?   Simon
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    Show Me Your Discus Set Ups?

    I need some inspiration! I'm thinking of going back to freshwater fish and fancy these again.   Can I see your set ups if anyone keeps them   Simon
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    Channa Pulchra - Are They Still Available?

    I've not kept freshwater fish for about 3 years and may change my reef to fresh and if so may keep these.   Can you still get these as easily as you used to? There was a time when they were being bred quite often
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    Anybody Have A Discus Set Up?

    I'm seriously considering breaking my reef tank down and converting it to a discus set up. I was lying awake in bed last night planning it ( sad I know).. but one thing I have wondered is what would I do with my sump? Would I need an external filter if I had my sump utilised somehow like an...