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  1. sharkweek178

    Digital thermometer

    Can anyone recommend a good accurate digital thermometer that won't stop working in a month?
  2. sharkweek178

    Disinfecting driftwood

    I got my first piece of driftwood. I read on the forum that boiling the wood can cause the wood fibers to break down. If I use chemicals, they could be absorbed by the wood and leach out later. So what's a good way to disinfect driftwood?
  3. sharkweek178

    Sponge filter question

    So I added a sponge filter to my tank. It's brand new. This seems like it couldn't be simpler. Just connect the air tube and run some air through it. But there doesn't seem to be any suction. I've already turned up the air flow. The lift tube is also in place. I held a piece of java moss...
  4. sharkweek178

    What is this on my Anacharis?

    I'm doing a water change and found something hanging off an Anacharis root. What is this? Pardon the pics. The water is a little stirred up from the sand vacuuming and water change.
  5. sharkweek178

    Used tank advice needed.

    I've been offered some used tanks. Problem is, I know that the previous owner used soap to clean them. So I'm concerned about soap residue in the seals. Am I worrying too much? Is there something I can do to treat the tank to remove soap residue? I know a vinegar water mix or a bleach...
  6. sharkweek178

    Light recommendation?

    I'm going to need a 30 inch light for low to medium light plants. I'd like something with a customizable timer. Sunrise/sunset settings would be great too. Something I can set the timer and forget about it. But I need to be able to make adjustments as needed. And I'm on a budget.
  7. sharkweek178

    Help me choose an Internal filter for a 29 gallon

    I'm trying to decide on an internal filter for a 29 gallon planted aquarium. I think it's between these two... Penn-Plax Cascade 600 Fully Submersible Internal Filter – Provides Physical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums...
  8. sharkweek178

    Sad to see this...

    I took my girlfriend to a Chinese restaurant the other night. The kind that has a fish tank. This one had two. One was crammed full of some pretty awesome cichlids. There were tiger oscars and convicts. Poor things were way overcrowded though. They had another tank with a few guppies and...
  9. sharkweek178

    Rookie upgrade

    So I started a few months ago. I started with an idea of what I wanted. Which was basically a small desk tank with plastic plants. I have a 10 gallon with two fish in it currently, a green lantern platy and a honey gourami. Since then, I've realized that I want to do more. There's so much...
  10. sharkweek178

    Mixing gouramis

    What has been your success with keeping different types of gouramis in the same tank? I'm thinking specifically of honey, pearl and sparkling gouramis.
  11. sharkweek178

    Am I missing something?

    Now I'm not saying that this isn't a high quality food. And technically, some of it is plant based. But this seems a little light on the"veggie" part given the name.
  12. sharkweek178

    How do you deal with fry?

    I have one livebearer, a male platy. I wouldn't mind getting him some platy friends. But what do you do for population control? How do you deal with all the babies?
  13. sharkweek178

    Anacharis question

    What's going on with this Anacharis? What are the stringy things hanging off of it?
  14. sharkweek178

    Filter media question

    Right now, I'm still using the 10 gallon starter kit that I got. It included an Aqueon Quietflow 10 HOB filter. I added a mesh bag with some ceramic beads in the back, a sponge cover over the intake tube, and made baffling out of a water bottle to divert the outflow so that my fish aren't...
  15. sharkweek178


    I'm going to start a planted tank soon. I've been reading up on aquascaping. What can you tell me about CO2 injections? Is it worth the effort and expense? What about a DIY set up like I've seen using soda bottles and sugar and yeast mixtures? I'm getting the impression that liquid CO2...
  16. sharkweek178


    Any thoughts about sand substrate would be appreciated. One thing I'm curious about is opinions about the color of sand. I've read that brighter colors like white or unnatural colors are stressful for fish. Any thoughts about the color of sand used as substrate? Outside of personal...
  17. sharkweek178

    Hi. Newbie here.

    Hi. I'm not just new to the forum, I'm pretty new to the hobby. I had a fish tank when I was a kid, decades ago. A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to do that again. I thought a little tank by my work desk would be a nice distraction. Maybe a 5 gallon with some fancy goldfish. I...