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    Anyone Had Any Succes Keeping Guppies With Bettas

    It honestly depends on the betta, and it's personality. Some will rip the fins right off of guppies, while others won't do a thing. I've witnessed both sides of the coin - A betta that could live with guppies, but would randomly chase them down and bite their tails and fins. And one that could...
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    I love animals~! <3

    I love animals~! <3
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    New Stocking On A Rio 180

    That sounds like a fine stocking. However, rams aren't always that hardy, and may not be the best choice for the girl. A group of corys would do well in the tank, and a school of tetras, like cardinals. :) Good luck! Let us know how it works out. :D -f_f!
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    Goldfish Ph?

    Even fancies? Thanks!
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    So How Many Of Us Are Overstocked?

    I usually overstock a tad, but as everyone else has said, I over-filter and have live plants, so all levels are stellar.
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    Goldfish Ph?

    I know this isn't tropical, but whatever. XD I read that the ideal ph for goldies is 7.5. The 55 gallon I have (already cycled) has a ph of about 8.0. I also once read on a website that a ph of 8.0 is too high for goldies, long term. I haven't got a goldy yet, but I'm wondering if this okay? I...
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    Lighting For 57 Gallon Tank?

    I'm going to use CO2. But I'll get back with the length of my lights. :/
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    Lighting For 57 Gallon Tank?

    I have a 57 gallon tank (well non-technically a standard "55" gallon), and I want to convert it into a planted tank. The fixtures I have hold two bulbs. I don't really know how to modify anything so it holds more lights, but will having two lights of 55 watts (even though that will be 2 wpg)...
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    Where Do You Buy Your Betta's?

    I live in Canada too. There are some nice ones at Petsmart (AKA; Pets @ Home), usually, but I try to avoid buying from chain pet stores.
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    Want To Start A Planted Tank

    Right now I have two 40 watts. I'm concerned that it's going to be hard to get the proper amount of WPG, and still have enough power, if that makes sense. (like I wouldn't want 50 watts per side, because unless they were combined, I still wouldn't have enough power, even if I did have the proper...
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    Want To Start A Planted Tank

    Oh! I have another question! :) I have two lights for my 57 gallon! One on one side of the tank, and one on the other. How many watts per side would suffice for a planted tank? Thanks!
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    Want To Start A Planted Tank

    Okay, I'll read that. Well, I was thinking not tons of maintenance, but I also don't want to be doing absolutely nothing with it. :lol: :P Thanks! :)
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    Want To Start A Planted Tank

    Hey guys. I have 5 aquariums, and they are all planted. Not a lot, just java moss, java fern, and vallisneria. However, I want to turn my 57 gallon Mbuna tank (will give away the labs) into a pretty densely planted tank. I actually have no idea what I'm doing. Not sure of substrate, lighting...
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    A Big-Small Problem

    Yeah, flagfish can be a bit aggressive to other tank mates. Really, there aren't a lot of species that will eat the type of algae you have.
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    Dither Fish For Labidochromis Caeruleus

    I have 7 labs, and 5 bristlenose plecos... 4 of the 7 labs are juveniles still, as I got them at an expo a couple months ago as babies, so I'm not sure of the gender, but out of the 3 adults, there are 2 females and a male. I vented them. However, one female always spawns with another female, so...
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    Dither Fish For Labidochromis Caeruleus

    I have some Labidochromis caeruleus in a 57 gallon tank with a lot of rock work and some bristle nose plecos. It's been set up for about 6 months. I NEVER see the fish, as they are always hiding. I have the tank in the basement, and my Dad plays music down there quite frequently. I have a...
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    Can You Draw?

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    I Am Stumped - Female Betta

    I say just don't feed her for a bit. That might help. If not, are you sure you're crushing the pea small enough for her to eat?
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    Lucid Dreams?

    Hahaha! That's funny! :P
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    I Am Stumped - Female Betta

    Internal parasites, not bacterial infection. Melafix will do more harm than good. I agree with loraxchick. :)