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  1. beatking

    Internal Cannister Filter?

    Does anyone here use internal cannister filters such as Fluval U series or MarineLand filters? What are the pro and cons of these filters? Do they filter on par with HOB filters? Thank you Steve
  2. beatking

    Glass/ Plexiglass hood?

    Cannot find an exact glass hood for my 29 gal tank. Is making a plexiglass hood an option? Has anyone here ever done this? Is this a thing? Thank you Steve
  3. beatking

    Tank without hood?

    Are there any hobbyists that use just lighting without using any type of hood be it glass, plexiglass, or other? Pros and cons. Thank you Steve
  4. beatking

    Internal aquarium power filter?

    Thoughts on this filtration for a 29 gallon planted tank. Thank you Steve
  5. beatking

    Water conditions..........

    PH = 7.6 High PH = 7.8 Ammonia = 0.0 ppm Nitrite = 0.0 ppm Nitrate = 0.0 ppm Are these acceptable numbers? Thank you. All tested with API Master Test Kit. Well water Steve
  6. beatking

    Fish meds?

    When introducing new fish, should one add meds (ich, eryth, or tet) to the water as an aid to ward off potential illnesses? Or is this just hooie? Thanks Steve
  7. beatking

    Tidal 55

    Anyone have experience with a Seachem Tidal 55? Pros and cons? How quiet running? Thank you Steve
  8. beatking

    Sponge or UnderGravel ?

    I have both filtration systems ready to go (two medium sponge filters and an undergravel filter ) Which would work better for a 29 gallon tank and why? Thank you Steve
  9. beatking

    Overkill or Not?

    I'm running two medium sponge filters in my newly established planted 29 gallon tank sans fish. Is this redundancy or acceptable? Thank you Steve
  10. beatking

    Aquarium salt

    May I ask as to the importance of aquarium salt? I would like to know if it's important for the set up/ cycle of a new tank. I am aware of its importance to treat some illnesses but beyond that, please help me understand. Thank you Steve
  11. beatking

    Clear Glass Canopy?

    I have been trying to find a glass canopy for my 29 gallon tank which measures at just a touch under 29 inches long. Every glass hood I locate, is 29 1/16th long. Nothing, not even the makers own glass canopy, is measured to this length. Is there a company that I could hopefully find that...
  12. beatking

    returning Hobbyist with a couple of questions....

    Well, it's been thirty years since I have owned and cared for fish. Now, newly retired and relocated, I'm starting up my love for caring and keeping tropical freshwater fish. My questions are as follows.... 1. Years ago, I had both a hang on back filter as well as an under gravel filter system...
  13. beatking


    I am a new returning tropical fish hobbyist. I started in 1988 and continued until 1992 when I relocated and was busy raising a family. Now, recently retired and once again living in Florida, I have started up this wonderful hobby i grew to love. Wish me luck. I am starting with a 29 gallon...